Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2009 , two days

Great 2009!
Only two days :)
We are sure all your wishes will come true.
Priscila and Stephie.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas photos: NYC 2007

Hello everybody!
I found in Flickr.com these wonderful photos and wanted to share them with you. The place is Rockefeller Center, in New York. Photos are from last year, according to the person who published them. What do you think?

Photo by:wallyg

Photo by:wallyg

Photo by:wallyg

Which picture is your favourite? I love all of them, but my favourite is the second one :) . Hope you enjoyed the photos,

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Here I will give you a typical food from Argentina.
You can prepare it for Christmas or just if you want to eat something sweet.
You can also prepare it to taste food from Argentina....
They are called : "Alfajores de Maizena".

Ingredients:3/4 cup butter1 cup sugar
1 egg and 2 yolks
2 tablespoons of cognac (optional)
2-1/2 cups cornstarch1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon
vanillarind of 1/2 lemon

Cream butter and sugar, add the egg and yolks and beat well. Add the sifted dry ingredients alternately with the cognac (if using). Add the vanilla and lemon rind. Knead on a floured board until smooth and let stand for 15 minutes. Roll the dough and cut in rounds about 2 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. Place rounds on greased cookie sheet and bake in slow oven (300F) for about 20 minutes. When cool, very carefully spread in pairs with "dulce de leche" (the rounds break if you are not careful), using the filling around edges to hold them together. Sprinkle or roll edges with grated coconut.

(Dulce de leche is made by mixing sugar with milk , make sure it is hot.
You will know it is ready when the colour is brown.)

Hope you like it!!
What do you eat in your countries?

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Time to relax


Here in Argentina we have just started holidays.
I love holidays but I am finishing 7° grade , so , I will miss some of my friends because I am going to a new school :(
Anyway It is time to go out with friends , to chat , to post in the blog , to read and ....TIME TO RELAX!!!!
kisses to all of you!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Twilight : book and movie

Hi everybody! One of my friends gave me the other day the book 'Twilight', and she told me :'You must read it-it's an mazaing book!'. And she was totally right. I found the book great. It has a lot of love and action.
The book tells the realtionship between Bella Swan, a 17 year-old-girl who falls in love with the vampire Edward Cullen.
The book has million of fans all over the world and after Twilight comes New Moon, then Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
The author of the books is Stephenie Meyer.
And the movie has just been released today! I'm sure it will be great, I've seen some trailers of the movie and it seems to have a big future.
Twilight will be released on 11.21.2008 (USA and other countries) starring:
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Twilight official website.

I'm looking forward to watching this movie, but in Argentina it will be released on January 01, 2009.
Currently, I'm finishing New Moon.
Hope to read your comments and tel me what you think!

Saturday, 15 November 2008


Hi Everybody!!

I have something that I wanted to tell you...
I have passed my entrance exam to a new school !!
The exam was in english and I got a 9.40.
It was a surprise for me!
Anyway I am very happy because I have passed my exams and I will finish primary school soon.
What about your exams?Do you want to be on holidays?
Thanks to all of you ,Friends , because you make me feel happy :)



Monday, 10 November 2008

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Hi everybody!
I've been having some tests, that's why I haven't been posting.
My class has been talking about celebrations here in Argentina. Some people talked about christmas, and a lot of people were asking themselves...
(The countries they mentioned were a lot!).

In Argentina: we start the celebration from 9 or 10pm until it's midnight so we can exchange presents and cards.

My question for you is... how do you celebrate christmas? What do you usually do for christmas?

Tell me in your comments!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Whales: Hayden Panettiere's new project

Hi everybody, I've just found an article about a new project Hayden's doing to save the whales. She travelled to Washington, USA last weekend to send everybody the mesagge "vote" and to promote her campaign "Save the whales again!".

To sign Hayden's petition, please do the following:
1.Register in www.socialvibe.com/whaleman
2. Once you registered, you'll see a link which says "Sign the petition now"

Click here to see the video.

Click here to read more info.

She needs 1 million signatures for her project. What she's asking you to do is just to take 2 minutes of your times and sign the petition. She's making such a great effort!
Please pass this message to all your family and friends, so they can sign too.
WHAT do you think of Hayden's new idea?
I really agree with her and I have already signed :)
Hope you do too!

PS: You can comment on our whales' blog too!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Hi everybody!
I want to share this story with all of you.
Hope you enjoy it. :)

Teeenager Brian Robison was travelling from the USA to Canada to see his father.He was the only passenger in a small plane , high above the Canadian mountains , when suddenly the pilot had a hurt attack and died!
Brian was terrified.Below him he could see a lake.He turned the plane towards the lake and landed on the water.He got out of the plane before it sank.
The next morning he was cold and hungry.The boy from New York only had the clothes he was wearing and a small hatchet (a present from his mother).He remember a TV programme about how to survive in the wild.
He started a fire with wood , he made a shelter and he ate fruit and fish.
One day , a few weeks later , Brian was fishing by the lake when he saw a plane above the trees.
He made a fire and the pilot saw the smoke.
Afer fifty-four days in the Canadian woods , Brian´s amazing adventure was finally over.

Gary Paulsen
I loved this story!!Hope you too :)

Kisses to all of you


Thursday, 16 October 2008

It's almost summer: let's go to the beach!

Hey everybody,
I'm really happy because it's almost summer in Argentina! The most beautiful season. After school, it's summertime! Summer here in Argentina starts on December 21st. I know we have to wait a little more to go to the beach, but I'll willing to go there!
As everybody likes going to the beach, here's a "tour" around the most beautiful beaches of the world! Enjoy :)

1.Nauset beach, Orleans, MA.

Photo by:Chris Seufert

2. Coogee beach, Sydney.

Photo by:Christopher Chan

3.Myrtos beach, Greece.

Photo by:AdamosMaximus

I loved these three beaches. WHICH one do you like the most?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Mar del Plata , Argentina: one of the most beautiful beaches!

Hi friends! As summer is arriving here in Argentina, I wanted to show everybody some photos of Argentina's baeches. Do you like them? In this case, I'll show Mar del Plata with its info!

"Mar del Plata is an Argentine city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Buenos Aires Province, 400 km (249 mi) south of Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata is one of the major fishing ports and the biggest seaside beach resort in Argentina. With a population of 541,733 as per the 2001 census, it's the 7th largest city in Argentina."

Photo by:dbuc
Mar del Plata at night.

Photo by:Alex Lanz

Mar del Plata in a sunny summer day.

WOULD you like to visit Mar del Plata?
Visit wikipedia to learn more!

Monday, 6 October 2008


Hi everybody!

How are you? Hope all of you are ok.
I wanted to tell all of you my opinion about blogs.

When I started using this blog I was happy to share it.
I started posting and posting and I made friends all over the world.
(Thanks for those who comment here).
At first I didn´t visit the blog everyday but now I visit it most of my time!

Thanks to teacher Gabriela.(She told me about this blog)
To Gabriela: I didn´t have a microphone so I posted my opinion here!!Sorry for the date , I opened the mail too late!I thought that if I opened the blog I would open my mails.Later my sister told me I had to open my account by G mail to see my mails. Anyway , thank you Gabriela!

Please write your opinion about blogs.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Castle at Tintagel

The little village of Tintagel is in the north coast of Cornwall , in southwest England. Its castle is one of the most famous castles in Britain. People say it was the home of king Arthur in the 50th century and that the ghost of his helper, Merlin the wizard, visits the cave under the castle.

This is a legend I found interesting and wanted to share it with you.
Hope all of you are OK,

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Whales' blog update!

Hi everybody, visit this site about whaling!

http://stopwhalingteam.edublogs.org - http://stopwhalingteam.edublogs.org

Read and comment! We can make a difference!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Season 2-Chapter 5:"Peter's uncle"

Hi everybody! Here I am, with a new chapter of the story I'm writing. In the last chapter, Peter told Claire that his father had been a murderer and that he had killed Kate. Peter didn't know his father was a murderer, so Claire believed him. But then, Ricky, who's Peter's uncle, phones Peter. Then, they entered Claire's house. Now...chapter 5!

Claire and Peter had already entered to the house.
-"Sit down and I'll bring ice cream. It's OK for you?"-asked Claire.
-"Sure"-answered Peter.
Peter was waiting for Claire in the living-room and Claire went to the kitchen.
-"Hi mum!"
-"Hi dear. How was school? Any news?"-asked Claire's mum.
-"Look: while Peter and I were walking, Peter's uncle phoned him. His name was Ricky"-told Claire.
-"So what?"-answered her mum.
-"Don't you see it? Ricky could take revenge on us! Because of me, Peter's father died"-told Claire.
-"Well, we'll discuss it later. Go with your boyfriend, he's waiting for you. Go."-said Claire's mum.
Claire smiled.
-"Well...here I come with the most delicious ice cream ever. Home-made!"said Claire.
-"Mmm...thanks Claire"-said Peter and kissed his girlfriend.
-"At what time are you leaving? Because your uncle phoned you, and..."said Claire.
-"Don't worry. Is not something important. I nearly never see my uncle, so I don't know him so much. But, well...he's my uncle after all."told Peter.
Peter knew Claire was worried. So he asked her:
-"What's wrong?"
Claire looked at him. Then, she said:
-"Your uncle, he worries me. Your father was a murderer and...what if he is one and wants to take revenge on me? Because of me, your father died. I mean, I was just defending myself. He wanted to kill me!".
Peter didn't answer. He was thinking.
-"Look, he isn't like that. He's good guy. I know: we can all have dinner together tonight so you can meet him. Agree?"-said Peter.
-"Ok. Great."said Claire.

What will happen when at the dinner? Hope you liked the chapter. Stay tuned because new chapters will come!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Hi! Here is a quiz about personality!

1-Choose a shape





2-You are ...

Triangle = shy -Hard working.

Spiral = confident-Adventurous.

Square = honest -easy going.

Circle = independent -generous.



Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Latest on technology: the iPhone!

Photo by Niels van Eck
Hey everyone! I'm sure you've heard about the iPhone. Pictured above is the iPhone menu. But...what does it do? Here the answer to all your questions:
~ Internet, Camera, Multimedia files
~ Calendar
~ Mail
~ Music
~ Map
~ Confortable design

WOULD YOU like to have an iPhone? Well, i guess everybody would like to have one :)
In my opinion, the iPhone is great. The latest technology, design and stuff! I don't know if I'm satisfied about the price, because here in Argetina is very expensive.
Hope you liked the info.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heroes season 3: "Villains" - September 22

Photo by:Kadath
Hello everybody, just wanted to share with you some news about the new season of Heroes
-The new season is called "Villains".
-The first episode will be airing on Monday, September 22nd.

Mark your calendars! Heroes' stars say the new season won't dissapoint fans! Can't wait to see the first episode!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Dracula Legend

I was thinking about horror films and I remembered Dracula´s story.I will tell you a little about Dracula.

The Dracula Legend

The writer Bram Stocker invented Count Dracula in 1897.The most famous vampire in the world didn´t like light.He hated garlic and crucifixes but he loved human blood!
The first Dracula film appeared in 1931.The director was Tom Browning.Today there are Dracula films in about 50 different languages and there are more than 700 horror movies based on the Dracula legend.

Hope all of you are ok!


Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympic Games: Congratulations Argentina!

Beijing 2008 promotional wallpaper.
The olympic games are over, but every country participated doing their best. But the best places are:

1.CHN - China
2.USA - United States
3.RUS - Russian Fed.

Congratulations to those countries! What about Argentina?...

Basketball -Men B

Cycling- Track G

Sailing-Tornado B

Football -Men G

Hockey -Woman B

Judo -Women B

Very proud of my country: congratulations, Argentina!

Photo by: quimpg
Did you enjoyed the Olympic Games?Hope everybody enjoyed this beautiful experience, which won't be repeated again until 2012!

Enter to the Beijing 2008 official webiste!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

August 21th: Happy birthday, Hayden Panettiere!

Hayden Panettiere(red and pink dress) at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, 2008.
Photo by: ewen and donabel

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday Hayden...

Happy birthday to you!

Hi everybody! Today's my favourite actress and singer's birthday! 19 years! So, here, from Argentina, want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAYDEN PANETTIERE!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

August 17th: José de San Martin's day

San Martin's tomb. Photo by: longhorndave

The Father of Argentina. The Libertador. His tomb is in the Buenos Aires Cathedral right off of the Plaza de Mayo. It is guarded by two soldiers on par with the Buckingham Palace guards.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rural , Argentina

The “122° exposición rural” was visited by a lot of people at Buenos Aires..
If you go , you will see tractors , horses , cows and another animals.
I went there last Monday and I enjoyed it a lot! My sister and my brother enjoyed it too!
It is from July 24 to August 5 in Palermo , Buenos Aires.
People from the field go to show their production of the year.
Hope all of you are OK.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Hi to all. As I told my friend from Australia, Nadine, I'll post something about Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I live. I'll include photos and info. Enjoy!

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the third largest conurbation in Latin America.

Places of interest
There are a lot of places to visit in this fantastic city.

Photo by: yanec
The Colon Theater is one of the oldest and biggest theaters here in Argentina. Is one of the most famous too.

Photo by: TRI.

"El planetario" is located in Palermo. There you can see planets, and when something happens in the sky, you can watch it from there!. A lot of ducks live in the lake, also photographed. When the sun shines, and when it's summertime, it's great to go there and feed the ducks!

Photo by: quiquemendizabal
Puerto Madero is full of restaurants. It's also becoming one of the best places to live, because the bulidings there have almost 50 floors!. The photo shows where Puerto Madero begins. Not too far from that, are those great buldings I told you!. It's great!.

Photo by: run4unity
"El Obelisco" is very old. "El Obelisco" was built in May 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city. It's located in the centre of the city.

Hope you enjoyed this "mini-tour". Do you like the photos? Which place would you like to visit?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Season 2-Chapter 4:"The truth"

Hi everybody! After a long time without updating the blog with my story, here's chapter 4. Enjoy it!

The next day after they kissed each other, Claire, at school, saw Peter.
-"Hi. All right?"-asked Claire.
-"Hi. No, really no"-answered Peter, worried.
-"What's wrong?It's about the kiss? You didn't like it?"-said Claire.
-"No, I love you, I liked the kiss. It's my father"-he told her.
-"Isn't he dead?"-she asked.
-"He is. But there's something I've discovered...something strange."he said.
-"Do you want to tell it to me?Perhaps you'll feel better if you tell me"-suggested Claire.
Peter looked straight at Claire. Hi seemed to be really worried.
-"Claire, my father was a murderer. He killed a girl called Kate, and her mum. I was shocked when I read this in an old newspaper"-told Peter, waiting Claire to say something.
Claire was in shock. Kate, her old friend, murdered by her boyfriend's father? Kate's mum too?She started crying.
-"Are you OK? Believe me, don't think bad of me. I really didn't know. I'm not as my father"-said Peter, nearly in tears.
-"Kate...She was my bestfriend. Your father could have killed me if Kate and her mum hadn't appeared. Kate, even though she was dead, she appeared as a light. Her mother too. I'm not crazy. So it's was your father!"-said Claire, angrily.
-"Claire, I'm sorry. I didn't know, really. If I have known, I would have told you. My father kept everything secret. I'm really sorry. Please, don't get angry with me. It's wasn't my fault. It was my father's"-said Peter.
Claire was looking at Peter's face. Yes, she knew he was telling the truth. Finally, she huged Peter.
-"Would you like to come with me after school?"-asked Claire, more calmed now.
-"Sure. Are you OK?"-asked Peter, nicely.
-"Yeah. I have a headache, it's all. Come on, hurry, the biology class is almost starting"-said Claire.
After school and by the way home, Peter received a call:
-"Hi. What's wrong?"-said Peter-"Ok. I'll go later".
-"Sorry, it was my uncle, Ricky. He's my father's brother. He wants me to go to his boring house. But I'll go later. Now, I'm with you"-said Peter.
Claire smiled. While walking, Claire thought:"Perhaps...this uncle...Ricky...is he a murderer like Peter's father?. I'll talk to mum".
They entered Claire's house.

Will Ricky be as Peter's father? Is he a murderer? What will Claire do? Will she be safe there? All the answers in the next chapter!
Comment and tell me if you liked it!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Winter Holidays

Enjoy your winter holidays.
Hope all of you are OK.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Happy friend's day!

Here in Argentina, on July 20th, we celebrate the friend's day.
As I changed school last year, I made new friends this year. But I've discovered beautiful things with them. We share secrets, laughs, tears, games, movies, food, etc.
Also on the net, I met Nadine and Meghna, two great friends!

"...your friendship's magic, your friendship's sweet, yeah..."


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Season 2-Chapter 3:"Homecoming party"

Hi everybody! Want to know what's gonna happen between Peter and Claire at the homecoming party? Read and enjoy the chapter!

The day of the party finally arrived. Claire was getting ready for it, when the bell rang.
-"Sweety, is your friend, Peter! Hurry up or you'll be late!"-said Claire's mum to her daughter.
-"Yeah! I'll open the door!"-answered Claire.
Claire was wearing a red dress and black shoes. She was also wearing earrings and a necklace. She opened the door. Peter was there, with roses for her.
-"You look beautiful. I bought this roses for you"-Peter said, smiling and nervous at the same time.
-"Thanks. You're so nice"-answered Claire
-"Well, let's hurry up or we won't arrive on time!"-Peter told Claire.
-"Ok. Let's go"-answered Claire.
Peter was driving the car, when he told Claire:
-"You know...you're the sweetest person I've ever known."-
-"Thanks. You're very sweet too"-answered Claire.
They finally arrived at the party. They entered the salon.
An hour passed. Peter and Claire were now dancing together a very beautiful song. Claire's blue eyes looked beautiful, and Peter's brown eyes too. They looked at each other.
-"I'm very happy to stay here with you"-told Peter to Claire.
Claire didn't say anything: she huged Peter nicely.
When they were going home, and when they were at Claire's house's door, Claire said:
-"Thanks. This has been certainly the best moment"-.
Peter and Claire looked at each other. They kissed.
Peter said to Claire:
-"I love you. I didn't tell you this before, but..."-
-"Shh. Don't say anything. I just love you too. The day I met you, I felt something very strong in my heart."-said Claire.
-"That's funny, I felt the same thing when I met you"-said Peter.
They huged each other.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Season 2-Chapter 2:"A week later"

Well. well...I know I haven't updated the blog until now, but the fact is that I've been really busy! I've had my Maths exam, Latin exam...
But right now, enjoy chapter two...

A week passed. Claire & Peter were always together in class.
-"Look at Claire...she seems to be interested in Peter..."-said a girl.
-"Yeah...and Peter interested in her..."-answered another.
-"They make the perfect couple"-said the girl.
While in the History class, a group of girls from another course entered the classroom and said:
-"Hey everybody...tomorrow's the homecoming party. Be sure to come with somebody! See everybody tomorrow. If you have any questions, go to course 104".
Then, at breaktime, Peter said to Claire:
-"Yeah?"-said Claire.
-"Would you like to go to the party with me?"-asked Peter.
-"Mmmm...why not? Yeah, sure. Come to my house tomorrow an hour before the party, right?"-answered Claire.
-"Right"-answered Peter. Then, he smiled to Claire.
While going home, Claire saw a paper which said: "All L.A High School! Tomorrow, 8pm, homecoming party! Don't miss it! Come with somebody! Everybody's gonna have fun!"
-"I'll go with somebody. A very special person"-told Claire to herself.
She suddenly saw Peter.
-"Hey Claire, thanks for coming to te party with me. You're a very special person, you know"-said Peter.
Both Peter and Claire smiled to each other.
-"See you tomorrow. At 8pm in your house, right?"-asked Peter.
-"Yeah. See you"-answered Claire.

Did you like the second chapter? Comment and tell me!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Season 2- Chapter 1:"A new life"

Hey everybody! The second season of my story is here! I've thought a lot of surprises for the story, so enjoy and be prepared!
Let's make a synopsis of the first season: Claire's friend, Kate, was killed. So, Claire starts looking for her friend's murderer. At the end, Kate's mother and Kate, save Claire's life.
So, let's continue!

Claire moved in to another city. She was now in Los Angeles, USA. Her father found a new job there, so the whole family moved in together. The first day of school, Claire watched her classmates. Suddenly, she saw a really handsome boy. The boy's name was Peter, and he was the same age as Claire: 16. Peter had brown hair and brown eyes. He was a nice boy.
At breaktime, Peter and Claire began to talk.
-"So...are you new here?"-asked Peter.
-"Yeah. My father got a job here,so..."-answered Claire-"And...your father works here?"-asked Claire.
Peter looked down for a moment, and then, he said:
-"He died"-.
Claire didn't say anything.
When breaktime was over, Peter said goodbye to Claire. They smiled to each other.
At the Geography class, some girls said: "Hey,...please everybody, listen...there'll be a party next week. It's the homecoming party. Be sure to be at the party next Sunday".
By the way home, Peter and Claire walked together.
When Claire was near her house, she said to Peter:
-"Well, thanks for coming with me. See you tomorrow."-
Then, she smiled.
-"Bye. See you"-answered Peter.He also smiled and looked at Claire. He smiled again.
One thing was obvious: Claire and Peter were becoming good friends.

Hope you liked the chapter, and be sure to read chapter 2 soon! Please comment! Hope you liked it.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Whales' project

Hey everybody, I'm very happy that this project is going really well! I've never thought a lot of people would join!.
The project is really good, and we can together make a diference! All the people who joined this posted a lot of photos, news, opinions, links, videos, etc.
Enter to the page, click where it says "join this space"and create an account. Then, I'll accept your membership request.
Please join, enjoy and share news, and whatever you want!
Thanks to all the people who has already joined!


Monday, 2 June 2008

Great news!

Hi everybody! I've created the site for our "Stop Whaling Now" project. To join the page and post, do the following:
*Join in in wikispaces(www.wikispaces.com)
*Enter to www.stopwhalingnow.wikispaces.com
*Click where it says "join this space"(where it says "actions", in your right)
*Then, sign in with your username and password.
*Follow the instructions.
Thanks for the help!And join!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Let's do something!

Hi friends! Today I'm posting about a serious issue. Did you know that a lot of whales and dolphins are killed every year?So, I made my own conclution:

My favourite actress, Hayden Panettiere(Ice Princess, Heroes and more recently in Fireflies in the garden) has made a campaign called "Save the whales again!", a campaign which, in my opinion, a very good one. Hayden is very worried about this issue. As a result, she travelled to Japan last year to protest(a lot of whales and dolphins are killed there). She also travelled from L.A to Washington, to present her campaign.
She also made her own website, which can be checked out here, with the name "Fashion for a cause!". There, you can buy Hayden's clothes and help or donate something for the campaign.

What do you think? I have thought about making our own campaign, we can chose a name and do something. Do you agree with this? Please, tell me what you think! This is a very serious issue, we have to do something!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Chapter 10:"Two lights"

Hi friends! I'm here to post chapter ten from story,THE LAST CHAPTER, but before that, I'll tell you about how it will be continued.
1)After posting chapter 10, be ready because the story continues: this was the "first season". Then I'll post "season two".
2)Just wanted to say thanks to: Nadine, Meghna and Aguss! It's great to know that you like the story!
3)Enjoy chapter 10.

Claire was thinking and crying at the same time. She didn't want to see her family dead! But, what could she do? The murderer was in front of her with a gun, Kate's mum was dead, and her family was arriving home... .
"I can't do anything. I'll die now and my family too!"-thought Claire.
She was very sad when a light appeared near the window. It was Kate! She was there to save her friend and her family!
Claire was surprised. The light said to Claire's family(who was entering the house):
-"Don't enter! I'll save Claire.".
-"Kate! But...your mum's dead!"-said Claire's mum.
Lyle and Claire's dad couldn't believe what was happening.
Kate said:
-"I know, but she's now with me. We're here together"-said Kate.
Claire's mum could see Kate's mum light. She smiled.
Suddenly, "Kate" entered the bedroom and, when the murderer saw it, he became blind. The light was very strong. Claire could scape with her family away. She thanked Kate and her mum, and then, she left.
In the car, by the way home, she told her mum:
-"When I was crying there, his mobile phone rang. I think it was his son. The conversation was very clear, because the two spoke loudly. His son's name was Peter. I could see a photo of him in the murderer's cell phone. He seemed to be the same age I am."-.
They finally arrived home. Claire tured the TV on and saw a title which said "Girl's murderer's dead. He was blind and hewas dead when the police found him. The police can't tell how the man dead. The girl's mum was also found dead in the same house"-.
Claire was calm. She could now live normally again.

Hope you liked the last chapter. Be sure to check the blog regularly beacuse season two is coming. Season one is over, but season two will come with new surprises: there'll be love, murder and mistery. Comment and tell me if you liked the chapter and what do you think about season two.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Chapter 9:"Murder again"

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted, but I'm now here to tell you the latest news about the story: first of all, here's chapter nine. Secondly, the end is near! Don't miss any chapter! In other post, I'll tell you about the end, and how it will be continued. Now, enjoy!

And after saying that, Claire's mum shouted to her husband and Lyle:
-"Come on! Let's escape! I'll explain you later!"-
As a result, everybody left the house and got into the car. Claire's dad started driving. Suddenly he asked:
-"To somewhere! Please daddy! Just hurry up and drive to...let's go to Kate's house! Her mum will help us!"-said Claire.
-"Yes, Claire's right! Go there!"-said Claire's mum.
When they arrived, Kate's mum opened the door and make some milkshakes for everybody.
-"Now that we're here...could somebody explain me what's happening?"-said Lyle.
-"Well, Kate's murderer is looking for Claire. We can't leave her alone."- explained Claire's mum.
-"You're safe here"-said Kate's mum smiling.
-"Well...I don't know if we're safe, but we're better here than into my house"-said Claire.
When it was ten o'clock, Claire went outside the house to breathe and think. It was cold. Her parents were at the supermarket buying some clothes and some food. Kate's mum was watching TV in the living-room.
Suddenly, Claire saw a shadow near Kate's mum. Kates' mum shouted. Claire entered the house...Kate's mum was dead! Claire started crying. She knew the murderer was near her.
The murderer was behind her. He catched her and took her to the bedroom.
-"At last...I told you not to follow me...you didn't care. Now, these are the consequences, girl"-said the murderer.
Claire was crying. She saw her family's car arriving to the house. The murderer had a gun. Claire couldn't do anything.

Will Claire survive or will the murderer kill her and her family? Don't miss the next chapter!

ancient forests

Did you know that?

Unilever, the makers of Dove beauty products, are buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia's rainforests. We've got the proof. They're causing forest destruction, species extinction and climate change.Together we can make the company stop destroying forests for palm oil. You can go to http://www.greenpeace.com.ar/ and sign the open letter.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Chapter 8:"Escape"

Hi friends, I'm posting chapter eight from the story...Thanks to all the people who is commenting! Thanks to...Nadine, Meghna and Aguss! Enjoy the chapter!

Claire couldn't believe that Kate saved her: she hasn't had a friend like her before.
-"Friend...understand, you're in danger! Protect your family and yourself..."-said Kate.
-"Kate...I'll continue. I need justice! Understand me, never will happen to me or my family."-said Claire
Claire's mother was looking her daughter trough the window...
-"Is she crazy? Who is she talking with?"-said
Next to Claire's mum was Lyle, who said:
-"She's becoming crazy...I think she went mad since...Kate's dead..."-said.
Claire's mum went with her daughter at the garden.
-Mum, look it's...Kate?"-said Claire. But Kate was gone. Claire didn't understand: Why was her the only one who could see her?
That night,in her bedroom, Claire said:
-"Kate...everybody thinks I'm crazy. Why? I'm not crazy!"-.
After saying that, Claire went to her mother's bedroom and said 'Good night'. But Claire's mum was sleeping. When Claire said to her 'Good Night', she didn't woke up.
-"Mum?"-said Claire, worried.
Was she dead? No, she was sleeping. She was dreaming. Suddenly, she woke up.
-"Claire! Sorry! Now..I know...you're not crazy, you can really talk to Kate!"-said Claire's mum.
-"Yes. She's a true friend. I don't know how, but I can talk to her. Why are saying that? What happened?"-asked Claire.
-"I...I had a dream a few seconds ago. Kate talked to me, and she said that I had to protect you, that she could talk to you..."-said Claire's mum-"She also say that we had to run away because her murderer was looking for you! We've to escape!"-said Claire's mum.

Will Claire and her family escape or will the murderer find them before? Chapter nine soon. Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Chapter 7:"A true friend"

Hi everybody! Here's chapter seven from my story, hope you're enjoying it! Thanks to all the people who has commented on my posts, especially to Meghna, Nadine and Aguss!

When Claire asked who was there, the person said:
-"I'm Kate's murderer". Stop looking for me. If you continue, I'll kill your family"-.
Claire was very surprised and shocked too.
The next morning, she bought a camera because she was going to go to a museum to took some photos. She really enjoyed taking photos with Kate.
When she returned home, late at night, she sat on the sofa and watched TV. She was watching cartoons, despite the fact she was seventeen years old. She suddenly saw something near the forest. She took her camera and a gun, and left the house.
When Claire was near the door, Lyle asked her:
-"Where are you going, sister?"-.
-"I forgot something outside"-answered Claire, and, after saying that, she left.
She walk into the forest, the deep and horrible forest, where her bestfriend died. Suddenly, she saw something: a man. He was talking on the phone, and Claire noticed that his voice was very loud. She remembered the call. The voice seemed to be the same as the person's. The man looked at Claire and said:
-"So...you're Claire. Say goodbye, girl."-.
The man was going to kill her. That man was Kate's murderer! She was crying when she saw a light. When he was going to kill Claire with a gun, that light protected Claire. The man run away.
-"We'll meet again Claire"-shouted the man.
Claire wondered who the light was. When she realised who it was, she smiled. It was Kate. She was a true friend.
-"Thanks Kate"-said Claire.
Kate smiled.

Chapter eight soon. Hope you liked it!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chapter 6:"A call"

Here's chapter six from my story! Enjoy it!

Claire was happy but scared at the same time. Her friend looked beautiful, but...how was Kate there? Wasn't she dead? But Claire knew that she returned to tell her something. It semeed to be something very important.
-"Claire, thanks for all the things you've been doing for me. You've always been a very good friend of mine"-said Kate, happily.
-"Kate, look, I'm very sorry...I saw you, but I didn't recognise you...I'm very sorry. I felt and I still feeling guilty, so I've decided to find your murderer."-cried Claire.
-"Please, don't feel like that. You didn't recognise me. Everyone has mistakes."- said Kate.-"But now I must tell you something. You're in great danger, Claire. The murderer is looking for you. Please, stop with this. Don't put your family in danger..."-said Kate.
-"I'm sorry, friend. I've decided to do this, and don't matter the risk, I'll find the murderer."-said Claire.
-"Thanks."-said Kate.
Kate smiled. She was happy to have a friend like Claire: a very funny girl and a very loyal friend.
-"Claire, dear, Claire?-" said Claire's mum. She needed to tell her daughter something.
-"Mum, mum...look, there's Kate, she's returned...look"-said Claire
But there was nobody there.
-"Dear, I know you miss her a lot...but..."-said Claire's mum
-"But..."-said Claire
-"Go to sleep, dear, it's late"-said Claire's mum.
When Claire was at her bedroom, the phone rang.
-"Hi?"-said Claire
She noticed that the voice was very loud...and she didn't know the person.
-"Who's there?"-asked Claire

Chapter seven soon. Hope you liked it!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Chapter 5: "A message"

Hi! I'm posting chapter five from my story. Enjoy it.

At the police station, Kate's mum said to Claire:
-"Thanks for doing this. You're a very loyal friend. Kate was saying that all the time, and now, I know she was right"-.
-"Thanks. I loved Kate. She was and she's still my bestfriend"-answered Claire.
Then, a man said:
-"Enter please"-.
When Claire and Kate were in the building the policeman started asking.
-"Well. We have here a man who says he saw everything. He's so shy, so we're going to tell you what he said."-said the policeman.
Claire looked at Kate's mum. She was nervous.
-"He says he saw a man with black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a jean and glasses. We also know he had a tatoo in his hands"-said the policeman.
-"Well, that's good. We know more now, so we can look for him."-said Claire
-"Are you crazy girl?. You can't do that. You may be in danger."-said the policeman.
But Claire said"thanks" and she left with Kate's mum.
It was ten o'clock at Claire's house. Claire was in the garden, reading, when she heard a noise. She walked to the forest and she saw a light. When she turned to see who was there, she couldn't believe it. She looked again, but it was real. But she wasn't scared when she saw that. It was Kate. Yes, she was dead. It seemed to be a very beautiful light. Perhaps Kate had returned to say Claire a message.
-"Don't be scared, friend. I'm dead, but I needed to tell you something"-said Kate.
-"What?"-answered Claire.

Chapter six soon! Hope you liked it!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chapter 4: "A conversation"

Hi everyone! I'm posting chapter four from my story. Enjoy it!

Claire was very decided: she was going discover the mistery...who killed Kate?.
-"Dear... you're so tired. Please,...sleep. Go to bed,honey"-said Claire's mum.
-"Right. It's late. Tomorrow I'll go to the police departament to ask some questions. Good night"-said Claire
Claire's mum was worried. She was very decided and something bad could happen to her: perhaps the murderer could kill her or kill somebody she loves.
Claire's mum and Claire's dad were talking in the kitchen while Claire was at school.
-"You know, I'm worried about our daughter. Something could happen her, I don't know..."-said Claire's dad.
-"Me too, but you know her...when she decides something, she is going to do that. We have to be careful...she don't have to know the truth."-said Claire's mum.
Claire's dad and his wife had a secret they didn't told Claire before. It seemed to be something strange. But they weren't going to tell Claire that. They've decided to tell her another truth.
When Claire arrived from school and while Lyle was at the library, Claire's parents had a conversation with their daughter.
-"Dear...we must tell this to you."-said Claire's mum.
-"What?"-said Claire.
Her mum looked at her husband and then she said:
-"You're adopted Claire. We aren't your real parents."-said Claire's mum
Claire was shocked.
-"So, where are my real parents?"-said Claire
-We don't know,but..."said Claire's mum when her daughter said:
-"You are my real family because you have been looking after me since I was a year old. You always cared about me, and that's what real parents do with their daughters or sons. You've given me love, you've given me everything."-cried Claire.
Her parents smiled. Claire too.
-"Thanks for understanding us, dear. We love you"-said Claire's dad.
Claire cried and then, she smiled.
The next morning she was with Kate's mum at the police department. They were ready to begin the search, the search for Kate's murderer.


... the devil. He was the devil. He gave Rob two options: the first one was to kill his sister Sally. The second one was to kill himself.. Rob run to the kitchen. He was scared. The devil caught him. He had to decide quickly. He went in a panic attack. The devil wasn’t patient. The devil was going to kill him when he heard his sister’s voice.
-“Hi Rob. It’s me Sally. I’ll stay here for a week”-said Sally.
It was a bad dream, only that.

the end

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Rob was a quiet and friendly man.
He lived in a big house near the lake.He was a cheff and he worked for an important restaurant out of the village.His only family was his sister Sally.
One night he was going to sleep when he heard a noise, a strange noise.
He went downstairs and he saw a fox in his garden.
The fox hit the window and came into the house. The fox turned into something horrible, something very strange. He turned into ...


Monday, 24 March 2008

Chapter 3 : "A shock"

Here's chapter three from my story...Enjoy it!

Claire's mum was thinking.
-"Come on, tell me mum!"-shouted Claire.
-"Well...,it's Kate, your friend. She's dead"-said Claire's mum.
-"How? Where? When? Tell me, please!"-cried Claire.
-Somebody killed her in a forest,dear. Her mum says it happened tonight. A murderer killed her in the forest near here. I'm sorry"-said Claire's mum.
Claire was crying. Kate and she have been friends since kindergarden, and now, she was dead.
Claire remembered her episode at the forest. That girl who shouted her was her friend! How couldn't she recognise her? That was Kate's voice!
-"I'm an idiot! I could save her, and I didn't!"-cried Claire.
She run to her bedroom. She needed to think. Claire knew she had to find the murderer. It was going to be a very dangerous mission, but she needed to find the man who made this to Kate.
It was morning. Claire couldn't sleep in the whole night. Claire went downstairs to have breakfast.
-"Good morning dear. We know this won't be a good day for you, but try to be happy. Kate loved you. Please."-said Claire's mum.
-"I'll try to, mum. This isn't easy for me. Understand that."-said Claire.
-"Right dear."-answered Claire's mum.
-"I've to look for Kate's murderer. And I'm going to find out who killed my friend."- said Claire.

Chapter four soon. Thanks for reading and comment please!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Chapter 2: "Bad news"

Hi everybody again, here's chapter two from my story...

and...she became calm. It was a friendly but scaring rabbit.
-"Oh my God...what shall I do now...?"-she wondered.
She knew where she was because she was near her house. She could see her parents' car parking in her garden. It was 11:30 and her brother was at his friend's house. So she run to her house and sat in the sofa.
-"Claire, dear...where's Lyle?"-asked her mother.
-"Hi mum...Lyle?Oh,he's at Jack's house. He'll be back in a minute."-answered Claire.
-"Well...I'll go to my bedroom with your father...we're so tired. Good night dear."-said her mother-"And wake me up if Lyle comes from Jack's house!"-added.
-"Ok,good night"-answered Claire.
After that, Claire remembered the unfortunate episode at the forest. She knew that voice, but she couldn't see the girl clearly.
She decided to phone a friend.
-"Hi Mrs. Thompson. Is Kate there?"-asked Claire to her friend's mother.
-"Oh, hi Claire. No she isn't here. We had a discussion and we don't know where she is. I'm so worried."-answered Kate's mum.
And after that, Claire became worried. Where was her friend? She decided to go to bed when Lyle appeared.
-"Well, it's midnight...go to bed Lyle, it's late."-said Claire.
-"Right..."-said her brother. And he went to bed.
Before going to her bed, Claire said her mum(who was sleeping):
-"Mum, Lyle is here"-said Claire.
-"Thanks dear. Now go to sleep, it's late. Good night."answered her mum.
And Claire went to bed. Before leaving her parents' bedroom, her mum's cell phone rang.
-"Hi?"- said Claire's mum.
Claire could see her mum's face after talking on the phone.
-"Is there something wrong mum?"-asked Claire.
Her mum's face was white. Claire knew something was very wrong.
-"Claire, you must know this..."-said Claire's mum
-"What?"-asked Claire.

Chapter three soon. Hope you like the story!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Part 1

Robb was a friendly and quiet man who lived in a big house in a little village.
He was a cheff, and he worked in an important restaurant out of the village.
One night he was going to sleep when he heard a noise. He went downstairs and he saw something scaring...


Chapter 1: "Something Unexpected"

Hi everybody! I'm posting my first story here, so hope you'll enjoy it. Here's chapter one from my story...

It was ten o' clock. Claire was ready to eat dinner, when her mum said:

-"Dear, me and dad are going to go to a restaurant. Look after your brother and be careful! Is that clear?"-said her mum.

-"It's alright mum..."-said Claire.

And after saying that, her parents left. Claire and her brother Lyle were watching TV when the phone rang.

-"Claire..."-said Lyle

-"What?"-answered Claire

-"It's Jack, he wants to invite me to go to his house...can I?"-said the boy

-"Right...be here at midnight. No more than that. Is that clear?"-asked the teenager

-"Right..."-answered Lyle.

Now Claire was alone at her house. She was watching TV when she heard a noise outside.

-"What was that?"-she wondered.

She was alone, so she decided to see what was happening. She took her torch and went to the garden. The noise was louder and louder...she walk after the noise, and when she decided to see were she was, she discovered and new, strange and lonely place, a place she has not been before. It was something like a forest, but stranger. The noise disappeared. She run to her house when she saw something: a girl crying.
-"Run, get out of here!"-said the girl.
Claire run. She couldn't understand what was happening. A man was near the girl, and when Claire run away, the man killed the girl. She stopped near a tree when she realised somebody was running after her. Then she turned to see who was behind her and...

Chapter two soon. Please comment and tell me if you liked it!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Nanny

A program I like is "The Nanny".
It's a very interesting comedy!
She´s the nanny of three children who live with their father.
This is a program from United States.
¿What´s your favourite comedy?
see all of you soon

Monday, 3 March 2008

.:My favourite series:.

Hello everybody! I'm posting something about my favourite TV series.

IT'S ABOUT a group of people with extraordinary powers. Their mission is to save the world. It has got two seasons.

STARRING Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet (who has a regenerative ability).

Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet (who is Claire's father and investigates people with extraordinary powers).

Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli (who can absorbe the powers of others who has been near and then recall them).

Ali Larter as Nikky Sanders (who has multiple personailities).

If you want to know all about the series, please go to the HEROES OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT NBC.

Please leave your comments and hope you enjoyed this post!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

TV program

My favourite tv program is B&B.
It is a comedy with music,love and a lot of fun!
It is from monday to friday from 9:30 to 10:15 pm in chanel 11.
and..¿what is your favourite program about?
Hope all of you are ok!
see you soon