Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heroes season 3: "Villains" - September 22

Photo by:Kadath
Hello everybody, just wanted to share with you some news about the new season of Heroes
-The new season is called "Villains".
-The first episode will be airing on Monday, September 22nd.

Mark your calendars! Heroes' stars say the new season won't dissapoint fans! Can't wait to see the first episode!


Nadine said...

Hiya Steph
Thanks so much for the awesome card.. I loved it! Check your email because I sent you a card too, and a message.
I can't wait to see Heroes, and what happens next. Really exciting. I am looking forward to every episode!! I bet you are too... it seems they are making great improvements on it and I'm sure this show will be the best yet.
Nadine :)

Nadine said...

You have to reset the password again! So I can post...