Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Dracula Legend

I was thinking about horror films and I remembered Dracula´s story.I will tell you a little about Dracula.

The Dracula Legend

The writer Bram Stocker invented Count Dracula in 1897.The most famous vampire in the world didn´t like light.He hated garlic and crucifixes but he loved human blood!
The first Dracula film appeared in 1931.The director was Tom Browning.Today there are Dracula films in about 50 different languages and there are more than 700 horror movies based on the Dracula legend.

Hope all of you are ok!



Nadine said...

Hi Stephie
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Nice post Priscila. I see... Dracula loves blood, and I can't believe there are so much movies in different languages!! Wow..
Hugs, Nadine

pichila_07 said...

Hi Nadine!
Thanks for your comment!
Yes it is incredible!There are a lot of movies about Dracula!
I don´t like horror stories but I loved Dracula´s story.
Hope you are OK!


Nadine said...

Hey Priscila...
I don't like Horror movies much either... they make me feel scared and have nightmares for weeks.
Thanks for the comment, and the happy birthay! If I could hug you I would!! I loved the card, I'll try send you another one again, let me know if you receive anything from me.
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The blog's going awesome, you've written lovely posts. I will let my visitors know of the blog soon okay? You too! The password and username worked with me too... phew! :)
Love, Nadine

Nadine said...

The cake your mum cooked must have been so very tasty..
Happy 13th birthday though, even if I'm late or early?
When is your Bday? And priscila's?
I guess we could make a blog like yours, but how about the other one? What will we do with it then?
Let me KNOW!!