Thursday, 30 August 2007

My favourite TV programme

My favourite TV programme is a series called E.R. (Emergency room). You can see it on Warner Channel on Thursdays at 10 p.m.
This series started in 1994 and finishes next year, has 14 seasons and for me is a very good series. E.R. tell the story of emergency room in a county hospital of Chicago. Also tells the life of the doctors of emergency and nurses, the relationships between the doctors and the patients, and between the doctors and the doctors or nurses. In the series there are a lot of stories of doctors and nurses in love, problems with their family, some doctors die or leave the hospital for different reasons.
In this programme George Clooney started to be famous in the character of a pediatrician until season 4th because after that he started his profesional career of a film actor. Also other actors started to be famous but no like George.
I like the series because I learn a lot of medicine. Thanks to E.R. I meet a group of girls fans of the series like me in internet because I have a "fotolog" and the girls signed my guestbook and afterwards we started to talk by chat and now they are my best friends. I have this fotolog since aougost 2006 and has more than 250 posts.

Some links:
My fotolog / ER (Cast, episode, videos and more)
NBC (Official channel in EEUU)

Monday, 27 August 2007


Hi! My name is Francisca but everyone callme Fran because dont likeme my name. I'm student of "Mariano Acosta" school and I'm in 4th year. I'm 16 years old and I live with my mom and my sister in San Telmo; my father lives in Congreso.
I meet teacher Gabriela at the AACI institute because in my school dont teach english, I study Italian.
I like read, and watch TV. The last year I went to Ice-skating lessons and I liked to much. This year I can't go because all the teachers are in the TV programme of Tinelli and they don't have much time for particulars lessons and now are more expensive than the last year.

See you!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

My name is Maitena. I`m seventeen years old. I live with my brother, my sister and my mother. My father liveswith his wife.
I go to "Paideia" school and I´m in fourth year. When I finish school I believe that I`m going to study psychology, Literature, Political Sciencecs, History o Sociology.
It is more probable that I``m going to study Psichololgy.
I like going out with my friends but I don`t like going out with my grandmother because she has a bad temper.
I hate when my mother shouts.

Hi everybody, my name is Octavio and I’m seventeen years old. I live in Buenos Aires with my mother and my sister. When I have free time, I like doing sport and playing with my dog. I also enjoy listening free jazz and blues. I have lots of friends with whom i share good times going to bars, to the cinema, or simply going to walk over the park.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

A photo of Spiderman

Hi everyone!I'm posting a photo of Spiderman's 1 movie.Please read the text I put on the wiki:
It's a text about Spiderman story.
Thanks to teacher Gabriela who commented on the Wiki and gave me the idea to write that.

Friday, 24 August 2007


Hi everyone!!!
My name is Nicole and I’m seventeen years old and I live in Argentina. I am in 4th year.
I live with my parents and my two sisters: Katherine and Constance (I am the oldest).Well, I love listening to music specially Hilary Duff (she is my favorite singer). In my free time I like doing manual works, singing, cooking and playing the guitar (but I have just started). Also I like seeing movies with my friends.

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Hi everyone! My name is Paula, i am 17 years old and i am one of Gabriella´s students. I was born in Buenos Aires but i wish, if i could, travel all over the world when i became older.
In my free time i like watching movies with mi friends and what i enjoy more is seeing fashion shows. Today i went to one of this fashion shows called "Buenos Aires Fashion Week" and it was fantastic.

A little of Ana's life

I’m Ana. I’m sixteen and I live with my mother, my sister and my mother’s boyfriend. Three times a week I visit my father and also, I go to sleep to his house or we go to the cinema.
The school where I go is very strict and I have to study a lot, so at the weekends I can’t go out very often.
Next year, I am going to finish high school and I would like to study something like social communication or education because that's interesting me and also because I hate subjects which are related with mathematics and natural science.
When I go out, I meet my friends at their houses (sometimes we meet in my house) and then we go to a party or we go to have a drink.
I like listening to music. My favorite kind of music is the “national rock” and in my free time and before I go to sleep I love listening to it.
On Saturdays I do swimming. I do this sport because I have a problem with my back and the swimming helps me to stand straight.


Hi everyone who read this I'm Facundo i'm twelve years old , my birthday is he 23 of October my facourite movie is "Die Hard" and "Rocky" my favourite progreamme is "Duro De Domar" I want to recomended to all the persons that don't wathc the programme .I have a dog that her name is Lola and I don't remember how old is she. i have an uncle in U.S.A. I like rock and I live in Buenos Aires

My favourite programme

My favourite proramme is a disussion programme called "Minuto 90".
It's on tv from monday to fraiday at midday on Fox Sport. There are five men who discuss all the matches of the previus weekend. They have a lot of estadistics and news.
I like it 'cause if you couldn't watch some of the matches you can know everithing about it and get to know a lot of news about your favourite team.
I don't recommend it to all persons, i think it is a programme just for people who likes football and if you are a children, it woul be boring.

favourite tv programme

My favourite tv programme is "duro de domar", it`s a reality programme, the programers are the most funny of all argentina. The programme consists that six persons show us the mistakes that haves many conductors of differnts programmes. The protagonists of this reality is Roberto Petinatto. I like the programme because when i`m angry this programme makes me happy. I want to recomended to my parents because they would be happy.

puerto madero

Here is another photo of Puerto madero !
thanks to all
by Priscila

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Hi everybody! I've writen an article about Spiderman on Wikispaces. Just enter this link: Please read and comment!
Thanks, Stephi

puerto madero (descripcion)

Puerto Maddero is a nice place to visit.It is full of restaurants and my favourite part is "el puente a la mujer".Also it is full of hotels like "sheraton".If someone want to post a photo of another "part of the world" I will see it.

thanks who coment my post

by Priscila

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Hi everyone!! My name is Ana Sofia, I´m 14 years old. I was born in Buenos Aires but , since my father is diplomatic , I have also lived in Santiago de Chile and Paris. I love all this cities but I prefer Buenos Aires because we can eat the best asado and my favorite desert (dulce de leche). I enjoy playing teenis and swimming. I like listenig music, specially my fasvorites bands (Simple Plan, Panic!at the disco...).
Bye and thanks to my teacher Gabriela who encouraged me to write in english.

Puerto Madero, Argentina

Hi, here's a photo of Puerto Madero To teacher Gabriella and all the people who want to comment.

By Priscila


Hi everyone, my name's Stephie and I'm one of Gabriella's students. I'm 12 years old and I put on my nickname stephi_mary-jane because my favourite movie is Spiderman, and Peter's girlfriend is called Mary Jane.But I won't talk about this now.I love learning English. I think that this blog and the other blog, is an excellent way to communicate better and to meet new people.My favourite program is Los Simpson and Patinando por un Sueño, as my sister. My favourite place to go is Florida street because it's full of shops.Bye and thanks to Teacher Gabriella because she helped me to register and to post. Bye!


I like skating so much!Argentina is a great city.My fovourite place is "PUERTO MADERO".I also like english and go out with friends.My favourite program is"PATINANDO POR UN SUEÑO".If someone post I´ll see it.

thanks to all(especially to my english teacher Gabriela)

by Priscila

Thursday, 2 August 2007


This blog for for you. I won't post here. You'll write some class assignments, but you can also post any other article you want to. Just take these things into account:
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  • Your parents should know you are posting on this blog.
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I’ll be the moderator and I’ll delete any posts or comments which don’t follow the previous rules. I'll also delete any offensive or discriminatory posts.

I hope you use this blog to write about you, what you love, hate, wish, dream. It will be great if you read each other, and start conversations. Keep in mind that this site is public, people from all over the world will be reading you.

Explore and have fun.

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