Friday, 28 September 2007

Coldplay - Yellow

Look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and everything you do
yeah they were all yellow
I came along
i wrote a song for you
and all the things you do
and it was called yellow
So then i took my turn
oh what a thing to have done
and it was all yellow
Your skin
oh yeah your skin and bones
turn into something beautiful
you know you know i love you so
you know i love you so
I swam across
i jumped across for you
oh what a thing to do
'cause you were all yellow
i drew a line
i drew a line for you
oh what a thing to do
and it was all yellow
Your skin
oh yeah your skin and bones
turn into something beautiful
and you know
for you i'd bleed myself dry
for you i'd bleed myself dry
It's true
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine
Look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and all the things that you do

Monday, 24 September 2007

Elmo is in a graffiti!

I took this graffiti from internet and I selected it because the drawing remembers my infancy. The person in the draw is “Elmo” a character of a cartoon called Plaza Sésamo.

When I was a little girl I loved watching that TV programme and my favorite character was Elmo.

I like this graffiti because the drawer used a lot of colors that do the grafiti looks like a photo. Also, there are some fluorine colors that attracts the viewer’s attention.

I think that this graffiti belongs to a band, because so many times appears the logo “Cha Noir” and also because Elmo is playing a drum. Maybe, the members wants to do publicity of his band and he think that the graffiti is the best way to the reputation.

Do you think that graffiti is a good way of publicity something?

photo by


Sunday, 23 September 2007

A beautiful place

Puerto Madero is the newest district of Buenos Aires. Located by to borders of the river, with an ample supply of commercial and gastronomical attractions. One part of the zone of Puerto Madero grows incessantly, extending the supply of houses and offices. Every day there are more people who choose to live a meter away form the river. The district is a zone intensely visited by tourists.

In 1870 the economic situation of Buenos Aires was very good, already it was clear that the very old Buenos Aires port needed to turn into something more apt for the reception and the shipment of passengers and products.

Between 1876 and 1886 there were two suggestions with their projects for the renovation of the port ok Buenos Aires.
Much money was spent to make all the work and it took more than ten years to finish it. In 1897 the new port was inaugurated.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

The popular art

We can give the name grafiti, grafito or graffiti to the different ways of inscription or painting,
generally under private or public property like walls, vehicles, doors, and most of all skate parks. In the common language, graffiti also includes what we call drabs: the result of painting on walls signs, frequently with political or social content, without the permission of the owner of the property. We can also call graffiti the slogans that have been popularized with that technique, for example the phrase that has been used in May ´68 in Paris, France: “Under the cobbles is the beach”.
The expression “graffiti” is also used for referring to an artistic movement, different to painting or qualified as a subcategory of it. In my own opinion, I don’t really like graffiti, because it is considered an important element in the hip-hop culture, something that I hate. However, I have to admit that people who make graffiti pieces are really artists. I do not like that all the people who make graffiti are influenced by the culture of the United States. What I want to say is that the graffiti is not an art form that has been created in our country, on the contrary, it is an expression that has became famous some years ago, thanks to the strong influence of the American capitalism in Argentina, something that is impossible to stop nowadays.
In spite of all these setbacks, what I like about graffiti’s is that they always show the social moment that the society is living getting in touch with feelings through the colours, designs and slogans that are written. All the reasons that I have just stated plus the fact that I have never draw anything, can demonstrate that I could never made a graffiti or any other sort of art expression that can damage the public space. I found this graffiti in the Mitre train station between Nuñez and Rivadavia. If you like it, you must go and see it!

Friday, 21 September 2007


My assignment was to find or take a photo of a graffiti that I like. I chose a graffiti made in Palermo. When I saw it I liked because there were a lot of colors and it seemed to be painted by different persons. The way that people painted the wall was different because of the techniques. The color that protrudes is green and when I see the picture, I can recognize it immediately.
In the picture there is a man who finished painting the wall. It looks beautiful.
And… Have you ever painted a graffiti or thought about that??? I have never done it.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

when spring appears

give lusty cheers
when spring appears
when spring appears.

Buds and seeds
prick up their ears
and blades of grass
show eager spears.

And only icicles
weep tears
when spring appears
when spring appears

Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Favorite place in Buenos Aires

My favorite place in Buenos Aires is Tigre because there are a lot of people
enjoying the environment and having fun.
Also, you can eat looking the landscape and when you finish your food,
you can travel on a boat and have a good time with family and friends visiting the city.
In Tigre, there is a place called “Puerto de frutos” where people can go looking for shops to buy fruits, clothes, etc.
You want to have fun, you can go to “Parque de la Costa” and enjoy the roller coasters. I have never gone there because I am afraid of this kind of games!!, but the majority of people have a good experience.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Los simpsons (movie)

Hi !

I saw the simpsons movie and I like it!

It is funny !

my favourite part of the movie is when Homero sings:"Spider Pig"

Here is a photo.

Friday, 7 September 2007

A friend for correspondence

My best friend is Sofia. She is 15 years from and she is from Argentina but she currently lives in Germany for one year because her mother won a scholarship. She comeback in November.
She has dark long hair and brown eyes, is slim and quite tall. She also is really funny and extrovert. I like be her friend because we like the same things. Sofia likes go to the cinema, plays tennis and go out whit her friends of Germany. Sofi can speak german, english and french and she goes to the german school wich is too demanding so she doesn't like it.
I met she in september 2006 when I opened my fotolog of ER, and she signed my guestbook because she likes the series like me and afterwards we started to talk by chat. We discovered we like the same things and do the same things , and then we started to be very good friends. Currently I 'm waiting for her to return, and seeing in live for the first time, in 54 days :)

.:We learned something new:.


Hi everybody!

Yesterday, we learned how to make sentences with If only... and I wish... . Here are some sentences :

With If only:

If only I went to Los Angeles...

If only I met Spiderman...

If only I could travel all over the world...

With I wish:

I wish I could go to the party.

I wish I could go to the U.S.A.

I wish I could meet High School Musical.

Thanks for reading and comment !

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Something New

We learned ...

...I wish I went to see High School Musical at New York.
...I wish I met Vanessa Hudgens.

...If only I were in England
...If only I travelled to Miami for holidays

We learned this on 6/09/2007 with teacher Gabriella. ¿What are your wishes about?

By Priscila

Villa Traful

Last month I traveled with my partners and six teachers to Villa Traful in Neuquen. The during of the trip was seven days. We stayed in a hostel and one day we slept in the “Cerro Bayo”.
Every day there was snow so we can enjoyed a lot. We did these activities: trekking, mountain bike, “culopatín”, we traveled in a aerosilla and the last day we did a stove and later a fancy-dress party . I dressed up of a baby: I used a bib, a dummy, an infantile pyjamas and a doll.
When we went to the mountain bike I fell down three times and in one of them I hitted in the pear but fortunately nothing happens to me.
I enjoy very much the trip along with my friends, it was a very nice experience and I hope that one day it should be possible to repeat it.

Here is the web site of the hostel:

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I went to Traful with the school. I stayed in Traful for ten days and came back last week.

On the way to traful the bus broke down. We stayed three hours inside the bus until a charter come to pick us up.Then we arrived at a hut and we had tea.

Another day we walkend up a mountain. When reached the top of the mountain we ate a sandwich. There was so much snow that If you sat down, you could not stand up easily. When we walked down the mountain we sat down on the snow and went down sitting. During the trip we usually had sandwich, chicken,escaloped meat, soup and toasts.
In the trip I learnt that it wass too long because you had to tolerate other people all the time.
During the trip I learnt to be patient with other people but next year I will not go again.

Recoleta cemetery´s

A lovely place where I like going, is the cemetery of Recoleta. This cemetery was founded in 1822 and it’s the place where a lot of presidents and national heroes have been buried. I like the cemetery because I appreciate his architecture orientated to the European architecture of the seventeen century. Inside the cemetery there is a lot of flours and the air is very pure. When I am inside, I can feel very relaxed, and I feel that my soul is in a perfect harmony whit myself. Sometimes I just sit over a stone close to a big mausoleum and I stay there thinking about the people I love.

Here there is a poem about the cemetery that I loved; I’ve just translated by my own so it is possible that it has a lot of mistakes. Anyway, here it is!

The life and the death by Susana Espósito

Recoleta, a district so ambivalent, on the one hand life, on the other one death.Bars, restaurants, flowering parks, craftsman fairs, people laughing . The death looks at them silently, on the other side, peace from cemetery. Behind his walls, rest the valiant,poets, sportsmen’s, several presidents, catch the mystery of young girls, the history of love and sleeping beauty. Angels watch over their shattered dreams, swords rest, those that so much had fought, laurels crown the achieved glories martyrdom palms, embitter tears. An anchor wants to be reinforced in the earth; she ignores the mystery that death shut in, and the mother’s son who watches whit a sweet look, bless everyone who arrives to his eternal dwelling.

This is a link for a website where you can go if you are interested in founding more information about Recoleta cemetery:

Here there is another link, this time you can see a video about de cemetery:

Monday, 3 September 2007

My Favourite Programme

My favourite programme is a cartoon called The Simpons. It's in Telefe everyday at 7 p.m. It's a story about a very funny family who live in Springfield. Homero and Marge have three kids: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Lisa is very intelligent and she also plays the saxophone, but Bart is a bad boy who always gets in trouble at school. Marge is a very good mother and she wants everything to be very clean. But Homer is very different, he never wants to work and he loves beer and donuts. Their neighbors are a nice family called Flanders who are very religious. Homer hates Ned Flanders and he always uses his things.
The reason why I like this programme is because it's very funny to see all the crazy things this family do. I recommend this programme to all the people, no matter how old they are, who want to have a good time and laugh a lot.


Hi everyone! My name is Roberta, I am 16 years old. I live with my parents , my brother, my sister, and my uncle.I go to "Paideia" school and I´m in fourth year. i have three dogs and a cat. In my free time i like going out whit my boyfriend and I like seeing movies with my uncle. I also enjoy listening Sabina .I`m going to study medicina.