Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Favorite place in Buenos Aires

My favorite place in Buenos Aires is Tigre because there are a lot of people
enjoying the environment and having fun.
Also, you can eat looking the landscape and when you finish your food,
you can travel on a boat and have a good time with family and friends visiting the city.
In Tigre, there is a place called “Puerto de frutos” where people can go looking for shops to buy fruits, clothes, etc.
You want to have fun, you can go to “Parque de la Costa” and enjoy the roller coasters. I have never gone there because I am afraid of this kind of games!!, but the majority of people have a good experience.

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Meghna said...

Hi Nikki, Stephie & others,
I had never been to Buneos Aires. Glad to know that you enjoyed the trip!

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Hope you are keeping good blogging!