Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Chapter 8:"Escape"

Hi friends, I'm posting chapter eight from the story...Thanks to all the people who is commenting! Thanks to...Nadine, Meghna and Aguss! Enjoy the chapter!

Claire couldn't believe that Kate saved her: she hasn't had a friend like her before.
-"Friend...understand, you're in danger! Protect your family and yourself..."-said Kate.
-"Kate...I'll continue. I need justice! Understand me, never will happen to me or my family."-said Claire
Claire's mother was looking her daughter trough the window...
-"Is she crazy? Who is she talking with?"-said
Next to Claire's mum was Lyle, who said:
-"She's becoming crazy...I think she went mad since...Kate's dead..."-said.
Claire's mum went with her daughter at the garden.
-Mum, look it's...Kate?"-said Claire. But Kate was gone. Claire didn't understand: Why was her the only one who could see her?
That night,in her bedroom, Claire said:
-"Kate...everybody thinks I'm crazy. Why? I'm not crazy!"-.
After saying that, Claire went to her mother's bedroom and said 'Good night'. But Claire's mum was sleeping. When Claire said to her 'Good Night', she didn't woke up.
-"Mum?"-said Claire, worried.
Was she dead? No, she was sleeping. She was dreaming. Suddenly, she woke up.
-"Claire! Sorry! Now..I're not crazy, you can really talk to Kate!"-said Claire's mum.
-"Yes. She's a true friend. I don't know how, but I can talk to her. Why are saying that? What happened?"-asked Claire.
-"I...I had a dream a few seconds ago. Kate talked to me, and she said that I had to protect you, that she could talk to you..."-said Claire's mum-"She also say that we had to run away because her murderer was looking for you! We've to escape!"-said Claire's mum.

Will Claire and her family escape or will the murderer find them before? Chapter nine soon. Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Chapter 7:"A true friend"

Hi everybody! Here's chapter seven from my story, hope you're enjoying it! Thanks to all the people who has commented on my posts, especially to Meghna, Nadine and Aguss!

When Claire asked who was there, the person said:
-"I'm Kate's murderer". Stop looking for me. If you continue, I'll kill your family"-.
Claire was very surprised and shocked too.
The next morning, she bought a camera because she was going to go to a museum to took some photos. She really enjoyed taking photos with Kate.
When she returned home, late at night, she sat on the sofa and watched TV. She was watching cartoons, despite the fact she was seventeen years old. She suddenly saw something near the forest. She took her camera and a gun, and left the house.
When Claire was near the door, Lyle asked her:
-"Where are you going, sister?"-.
-"I forgot something outside"-answered Claire, and, after saying that, she left.
She walk into the forest, the deep and horrible forest, where her bestfriend died. Suddenly, she saw something: a man. He was talking on the phone, and Claire noticed that his voice was very loud. She remembered the call. The voice seemed to be the same as the person's. The man looked at Claire and said:
-"'re Claire. Say goodbye, girl."-.
The man was going to kill her. That man was Kate's murderer! She was crying when she saw a light. When he was going to kill Claire with a gun, that light protected Claire. The man run away.
-"We'll meet again Claire"-shouted the man.
Claire wondered who the light was. When she realised who it was, she smiled. It was Kate. She was a true friend.
-"Thanks Kate"-said Claire.
Kate smiled.

Chapter eight soon. Hope you liked it!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chapter 6:"A call"

Here's chapter six from my story! Enjoy it!

Claire was happy but scared at the same time. Her friend looked beautiful, was Kate there? Wasn't she dead? But Claire knew that she returned to tell her something. It semeed to be something very important.
-"Claire, thanks for all the things you've been doing for me. You've always been a very good friend of mine"-said Kate, happily.
-"Kate, look, I'm very sorry...I saw you, but I didn't recognise you...I'm very sorry. I felt and I still feeling guilty, so I've decided to find your murderer."-cried Claire.
-"Please, don't feel like that. You didn't recognise me. Everyone has mistakes."- said Kate.-"But now I must tell you something. You're in great danger, Claire. The murderer is looking for you. Please, stop with this. Don't put your family in danger..."-said Kate.
-"I'm sorry, friend. I've decided to do this, and don't matter the risk, I'll find the murderer."-said Claire.
-"Thanks."-said Kate.
Kate smiled. She was happy to have a friend like Claire: a very funny girl and a very loyal friend.
-"Claire, dear, Claire?-" said Claire's mum. She needed to tell her daughter something.
-"Mum, mum...look, there's Kate, she's returned...look"-said Claire
But there was nobody there.
-"Dear, I know you miss her a lot...but..."-said Claire's mum
-"But..."-said Claire
-"Go to sleep, dear, it's late"-said Claire's mum.
When Claire was at her bedroom, the phone rang.
-"Hi?"-said Claire
She noticed that the voice was very loud...and she didn't know the person.
-"Who's there?"-asked Claire

Chapter seven soon. Hope you liked it!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Chapter 5: "A message"

Hi! I'm posting chapter five from my story. Enjoy it.

At the police station, Kate's mum said to Claire:
-"Thanks for doing this. You're a very loyal friend. Kate was saying that all the time, and now, I know she was right"-.
-"Thanks. I loved Kate. She was and she's still my bestfriend"-answered Claire.
Then, a man said:
-"Enter please"-.
When Claire and Kate were in the building the policeman started asking.
-"Well. We have here a man who says he saw everything. He's so shy, so we're going to tell you what he said."-said the policeman.
Claire looked at Kate's mum. She was nervous.
-"He says he saw a man with black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a jean and glasses. We also know he had a tatoo in his hands"-said the policeman.
-"Well, that's good. We know more now, so we can look for him."-said Claire
-"Are you crazy girl?. You can't do that. You may be in danger."-said the policeman.
But Claire said"thanks" and she left with Kate's mum.
It was ten o'clock at Claire's house. Claire was in the garden, reading, when she heard a noise. She walked to the forest and she saw a light. When she turned to see who was there, she couldn't believe it. She looked again, but it was real. But she wasn't scared when she saw that. It was Kate. Yes, she was dead. It seemed to be a very beautiful light. Perhaps Kate had returned to say Claire a message.
-"Don't be scared, friend. I'm dead, but I needed to tell you something"-said Kate.
-"What?"-answered Claire.

Chapter six soon! Hope you liked it!