Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Chapter 8:"Escape"

Hi friends, I'm posting chapter eight from the story...Thanks to all the people who is commenting! Thanks to...Nadine, Meghna and Aguss! Enjoy the chapter!

Claire couldn't believe that Kate saved her: she hasn't had a friend like her before.
-"Friend...understand, you're in danger! Protect your family and yourself..."-said Kate.
-"Kate...I'll continue. I need justice! Understand me, never will happen to me or my family."-said Claire
Claire's mother was looking her daughter trough the window...
-"Is she crazy? Who is she talking with?"-said
Next to Claire's mum was Lyle, who said:
-"She's becoming crazy...I think she went mad since...Kate's dead..."-said.
Claire's mum went with her daughter at the garden.
-Mum, look it's...Kate?"-said Claire. But Kate was gone. Claire didn't understand: Why was her the only one who could see her?
That night,in her bedroom, Claire said:
-"Kate...everybody thinks I'm crazy. Why? I'm not crazy!"-.
After saying that, Claire went to her mother's bedroom and said 'Good night'. But Claire's mum was sleeping. When Claire said to her 'Good Night', she didn't woke up.
-"Mum?"-said Claire, worried.
Was she dead? No, she was sleeping. She was dreaming. Suddenly, she woke up.
-"Claire! Sorry! Now..I're not crazy, you can really talk to Kate!"-said Claire's mum.
-"Yes. She's a true friend. I don't know how, but I can talk to her. Why are saying that? What happened?"-asked Claire.
-"I...I had a dream a few seconds ago. Kate talked to me, and she said that I had to protect you, that she could talk to you..."-said Claire's mum-"She also say that we had to run away because her murderer was looking for you! We've to escape!"-said Claire's mum.

Will Claire and her family escape or will the murderer find them before? Chapter nine soon. Hope you enjoyed it!


Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,
Wow! This is getting more exciting day by day! I loved chapter 8 so I'm eagerly waiting for the next part!
Please keep Kate and her family safe :P

Nadine said...

I wonder where they'd escape to...
I never thought that Kate's mum would believe it, after all, parents always think that you are dreaming or are over-reacting! So that's... A MIRACLE! It's about time parents understood! LOL
Yes, I agree with Meghna, DON'T LET HER DIE! Or maybe you should.... Just make it exciting and pulling.
Keep it up or I'll have to force you to! LOL
Bye my dear friend!

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
Can't wait for the next one, I get VERY eager when it comes to your stories!! I just LOVE them!
@ Meghna: I agree, i hope you keep Claire's family safe!!! :) Or make some cool twists in the story!!
Please have a look at my blog if you like, there is another riddle you could try and there is a poll.
Hope to see a good comment!
Bye Stephie!

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
I'm still waiting for chapter 9! Good its coming to the end, because it can't go on forever after all can it?
About the riddle, it's okay, but try reading it again if you want and have a look at any 2 words that are next to each other that can make a name. Have another go!! GOOD LUCK!! ;)
And about Harry Potter, my favourite one is the Goblet of Fire because of the special effects which are SO COOL and the maze where Cedric dies, also the Underwater Challenge is AWESOME! :)
I haven't read ANY of the book either, I can't be bothered, all I have to do is watch the movie really!