Monday, 19 May 2008

Let's do something!

Hi friends! Today I'm posting about a serious issue. Did you know that a lot of whales and dolphins are killed every year?So, I made my own conclution:

My favourite actress, Hayden Panettiere(Ice Princess, Heroes and more recently in Fireflies in the garden) has made a campaign called "Save the whales again!", a campaign which, in my opinion, a very good one. Hayden is very worried about this issue. As a result, she travelled to Japan last year to protest(a lot of whales and dolphins are killed there). She also travelled from L.A to Washington, to present her campaign.
She also made her own website, which can be checked out here, with the name "Fashion for a cause!". There, you can buy Hayden's clothes and help or donate something for the campaign.

What do you think? I have thought about making our own campaign, we can chose a name and do something. Do you agree with this? Please, tell me what you think! This is a very serious issue, we have to do something!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Chapter 10:"Two lights"

Hi friends! I'm here to post chapter ten from story,THE LAST CHAPTER, but before that, I'll tell you about how it will be continued.
1)After posting chapter 10, be ready because the story continues: this was the "first season". Then I'll post "season two".
2)Just wanted to say thanks to: Nadine, Meghna and Aguss! It's great to know that you like the story!
3)Enjoy chapter 10.

Claire was thinking and crying at the same time. She didn't want to see her family dead! But, what could she do? The murderer was in front of her with a gun, Kate's mum was dead, and her family was arriving home... .
"I can't do anything. I'll die now and my family too!"-thought Claire.
She was very sad when a light appeared near the window. It was Kate! She was there to save her friend and her family!
Claire was surprised. The light said to Claire's family(who was entering the house):
-"Don't enter! I'll save Claire.".
-"Kate! But...your mum's dead!"-said Claire's mum.
Lyle and Claire's dad couldn't believe what was happening.
Kate said:
-"I know, but she's now with me. We're here together"-said Kate.
Claire's mum could see Kate's mum light. She smiled.
Suddenly, "Kate" entered the bedroom and, when the murderer saw it, he became blind. The light was very strong. Claire could scape with her family away. She thanked Kate and her mum, and then, she left.
In the car, by the way home, she told her mum:
-"When I was crying there, his mobile phone rang. I think it was his son. The conversation was very clear, because the two spoke loudly. His son's name was Peter. I could see a photo of him in the murderer's cell phone. He seemed to be the same age I am."-.
They finally arrived home. Claire tured the TV on and saw a title which said "Girl's murderer's dead. He was blind and hewas dead when the police found him. The police can't tell how the man dead. The girl's mum was also found dead in the same house"-.
Claire was calm. She could now live normally again.

Hope you liked the last chapter. Be sure to check the blog regularly beacuse season two is coming. Season one is over, but season two will come with new surprises: there'll be love, murder and mistery. Comment and tell me if you liked the chapter and what do you think about season two.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Chapter 9:"Murder again"

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted, but I'm now here to tell you the latest news about the story: first of all, here's chapter nine. Secondly, the end is near! Don't miss any chapter! In other post, I'll tell you about the end, and how it will be continued. Now, enjoy!

And after saying that, Claire's mum shouted to her husband and Lyle:
-"Come on! Let's escape! I'll explain you later!"-
As a result, everybody left the house and got into the car. Claire's dad started driving. Suddenly he asked:
-"To somewhere! Please daddy! Just hurry up and drive to...let's go to Kate's house! Her mum will help us!"-said Claire.
-"Yes, Claire's right! Go there!"-said Claire's mum.
When they arrived, Kate's mum opened the door and make some milkshakes for everybody.
-"Now that we're here...could somebody explain me what's happening?"-said Lyle.
-"Well, Kate's murderer is looking for Claire. We can't leave her alone."- explained Claire's mum.
-"You're safe here"-said Kate's mum smiling.
-"Well...I don't know if we're safe, but we're better here than into my house"-said Claire.
When it was ten o'clock, Claire went outside the house to breathe and think. It was cold. Her parents were at the supermarket buying some clothes and some food. Kate's mum was watching TV in the living-room.
Suddenly, Claire saw a shadow near Kate's mum. Kates' mum shouted. Claire entered the house...Kate's mum was dead! Claire started crying. She knew the murderer was near her.
The murderer was behind her. He catched her and took her to the bedroom.
-"At last...I told you not to follow didn't care. Now, these are the consequences, girl"-said the murderer.
Claire was crying. She saw her family's car arriving to the house. The murderer had a gun. Claire couldn't do anything.

Will Claire survive or will the murderer kill her and her family? Don't miss the next chapter!

ancient forests

Did you know that?

Unilever, the makers of Dove beauty products, are buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia's rainforests. We've got the proof. They're causing forest destruction, species extinction and climate change.Together we can make the company stop destroying forests for palm oil. You can go to and sign the open letter.

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