Sunday, 4 May 2008

Chapter 9:"Murder again"

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted, but I'm now here to tell you the latest news about the story: first of all, here's chapter nine. Secondly, the end is near! Don't miss any chapter! In other post, I'll tell you about the end, and how it will be continued. Now, enjoy!

And after saying that, Claire's mum shouted to her husband and Lyle:
-"Come on! Let's escape! I'll explain you later!"-
As a result, everybody left the house and got into the car. Claire's dad started driving. Suddenly he asked:
-"To somewhere! Please daddy! Just hurry up and drive to...let's go to Kate's house! Her mum will help us!"-said Claire.
-"Yes, Claire's right! Go there!"-said Claire's mum.
When they arrived, Kate's mum opened the door and make some milkshakes for everybody.
-"Now that we're here...could somebody explain me what's happening?"-said Lyle.
-"Well, Kate's murderer is looking for Claire. We can't leave her alone."- explained Claire's mum.
-"You're safe here"-said Kate's mum smiling.
-"Well...I don't know if we're safe, but we're better here than into my house"-said Claire.
When it was ten o'clock, Claire went outside the house to breathe and think. It was cold. Her parents were at the supermarket buying some clothes and some food. Kate's mum was watching TV in the living-room.
Suddenly, Claire saw a shadow near Kate's mum. Kates' mum shouted. Claire entered the house...Kate's mum was dead! Claire started crying. She knew the murderer was near her.
The murderer was behind her. He catched her and took her to the bedroom.
-"At last...I told you not to follow didn't care. Now, these are the consequences, girl"-said the murderer.
Claire was crying. She saw her family's car arriving to the house. The murderer had a gun. Claire couldn't do anything.

Will Claire survive or will the murderer kill her and her family? Don't miss the next chapter!


aguss said...

how could you end the chapteer there?!?
I wishh I could write like that O:

Nadine said...

Heyyyy Stephie!
About the riddle, WELL DONE! YOU WERE RIGHT!! I'm SO happy for you! ;)
Great chapter, I was blown away. But if I was Claire, I wouldn't have gone outside because the murderer couldn't be trusted, he could be out there ready to strike. I would stay inside to be safe!
And also, he killed Kate now he has to kill Kate Mum!? GRRRRRRRRRRRR....
I want to kill him!!!!
I hope Claire doesn't die! GOD! I'm nervous, KEEP WRITING! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
Yes... you are RIGHT about the riddle, WELL DONE! I'm SO happy for you!! ;)
Can't wait for the next chapter. And can't wait for the end!!! Keep posting the chapters.
You've done so well with them, good on you.

Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,\
Hey....dont kill claore pleaseeeeeee!
Awesome :P

Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,
Cld u do me a favor please?? Cld u contact Nadine and tell her that I have got some problem in posting a comment at her place wrd but I can't see any anti spam wrd so I had trouble posting a comment and also tell her that I had got the answer right to the riddle but had posted it at Norma's place!

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
I see.... Meghna told Norma, my sister about it! Thanks for the comment, i will get back to her and let her know I understand!!! :)
Anyway, can't wait for next chapter!!
Bye and keep writing!

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
Where's the next chapter? I'm still excited and WAITING eagerly!!! Many surprises in the next one? COOOOOL!
My sister is younger than me. Her name is Norma. But altogether in my family are: Dad, Mum, Norma (10 year old sister), Diala, (8 year old sister) and Najee ( oldest one out of the us, he is 13!) and then comes me!!
How about you? And this is to Priscila, please tell her this:
Hi Priscila! I miss you and thanks for commenting, about the riddle, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are right!! YAY! You and Stephie have gotten it right! Keep figuring out the riddles and good luck for the next ones!