Monday, 19 November 2007

Internet in your life!

What do you use Internet for?

Nowadays, the internet is used by almost everyone. The web brings you a lot of solutions, from working to studying or just for cooking. Generally, I use this method for having fun whit my friends. I download music and I play computer games, like Counter Strike or Age of Empires. I also use it for searching restaurants and bars where I could go, places where I can go swimming or doing different types of sports.

When I’m alone, and nobody of my family can tell me how to arrive to a particular place, I search in the Internet for maps, and bus directory’s to help me by myself. The internet also brings me a big advantage whit the “Messenger”, because is the only way I have to talk whit my friends of France gratuitously, without paying thousands of dollars in phone cards.

There are many ways of using the web, but, what’s yours?

Saturday, 17 November 2007

what do you use internet for?

The Internet is a world, a universe by itself waiting to take you on a journey. I use the web to find addresses, phone numbers, maps, pictures of about anything. I read movie reviews, get TV listings, read the news, catch the latest weather.

I use the Internet to cook because I can found prescriptions of food with all the procedures. I can found the prescriptions of food of other cities like the customs of China.
Google is one of the most popular please that the people an i visit to found thing. Also Yahoo, for send email with other people. Wikipedia is a site where the teenagers look for information for their school. Teenagers use the internet look for games, for chatting, movies, music, imagines, and other thing.