Monday, 29 September 2008

Season 2-Chapter 5:"Peter's uncle"

Hi everybody! Here I am, with a new chapter of the story I'm writing. In the last chapter, Peter told Claire that his father had been a murderer and that he had killed Kate. Peter didn't know his father was a murderer, so Claire believed him. But then, Ricky, who's Peter's uncle, phones Peter. Then, they entered Claire's house. Now...chapter 5!

Claire and Peter had already entered to the house.
-"Sit down and I'll bring ice cream. It's OK for you?"-asked Claire.
-"Sure"-answered Peter.
Peter was waiting for Claire in the living-room and Claire went to the kitchen.
-"Hi mum!"
-"Hi dear. How was school? Any news?"-asked Claire's mum.
-"Look: while Peter and I were walking, Peter's uncle phoned him. His name was Ricky"-told Claire.
-"So what?"-answered her mum.
-"Don't you see it? Ricky could take revenge on us! Because of me, Peter's father died"-told Claire.
-"Well, we'll discuss it later. Go with your boyfriend, he's waiting for you. Go."-said Claire's mum.
Claire smiled.
-" I come with the most delicious ice cream ever. Home-made!"said Claire.
-"Mmm...thanks Claire"-said Peter and kissed his girlfriend.
-"At what time are you leaving? Because your uncle phoned you, and..."said Claire.
-"Don't worry. Is not something important. I nearly never see my uncle, so I don't know him so much. But, well...he's my uncle after all."told Peter.
Peter knew Claire was worried. So he asked her:
-"What's wrong?"
Claire looked at him. Then, she said:
-"Your uncle, he worries me. Your father was a murderer and...what if he is one and wants to take revenge on me? Because of me, your father died. I mean, I was just defending myself. He wanted to kill me!".
Peter didn't answer. He was thinking.
-"Look, he isn't like that. He's good guy. I know: we can all have dinner together tonight so you can meet him. Agree?"-said Peter.
-"Ok. Great."said Claire.

What will happen when at the dinner? Hope you liked the chapter. Stay tuned because new chapters will come!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Hi! Here is a quiz about personality!

1-Choose a shape





2-You are ...

Triangle = shy -Hard working.

Spiral = confident-Adventurous.

Square = honest -easy going.

Circle = independent -generous.



Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Latest on technology: the iPhone!

Photo by Niels van Eck
Hey everyone! I'm sure you've heard about the iPhone. Pictured above is the iPhone menu. But...what does it do? Here the answer to all your questions:
~ Internet, Camera, Multimedia files
~ Calendar
~ Mail
~ Music
~ Map
~ Confortable design

WOULD YOU like to have an iPhone? Well, i guess everybody would like to have one :)
In my opinion, the iPhone is great. The latest technology, design and stuff! I don't know if I'm satisfied about the price, because here in Argetina is very expensive.
Hope you liked the info.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heroes season 3: "Villains" - September 22

Photo by:Kadath
Hello everybody, just wanted to share with you some news about the new season of Heroes
-The new season is called "Villains".
-The first episode will be airing on Monday, September 22nd.

Mark your calendars! Heroes' stars say the new season won't dissapoint fans! Can't wait to see the first episode!