Monday, 23 June 2008

Season 2- Chapter 1:"A new life"

Hey everybody! The second season of my story is here! I've thought a lot of surprises for the story, so enjoy and be prepared!
Let's make a synopsis of the first season: Claire's friend, Kate, was killed. So, Claire starts looking for her friend's murderer. At the end, Kate's mother and Kate, save Claire's life.
So, let's continue!

Claire moved in to another city. She was now in Los Angeles, USA. Her father found a new job there, so the whole family moved in together. The first day of school, Claire watched her classmates. Suddenly, she saw a really handsome boy. The boy's name was Peter, and he was the same age as Claire: 16. Peter had brown hair and brown eyes. He was a nice boy.
At breaktime, Peter and Claire began to talk.
-"So...are you new here?"-asked Peter.
-"Yeah. My father got a job here,so..."-answered Claire-"And...your father works here?"-asked Claire.
Peter looked down for a moment, and then, he said:
-"He died"-.
Claire didn't say anything.
When breaktime was over, Peter said goodbye to Claire. They smiled to each other.
At the Geography class, some girls said: "Hey,...please everybody, listen...there'll be a party next week. It's the homecoming party. Be sure to be at the party next Sunday".
By the way home, Peter and Claire walked together.
When Claire was near her house, she said to Peter:
-"Well, thanks for coming with me. See you tomorrow."-
Then, she smiled.
-"Bye. See you"-answered Peter.He also smiled and looked at Claire. He smiled again.
One thing was obvious: Claire and Peter were becoming good friends.

Hope you liked the chapter, and be sure to read chapter 2 soon! Please comment! Hope you liked it.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Whales' project

Hey everybody, I'm very happy that this project is going really well! I've never thought a lot of people would join!.
The project is really good, and we can together make a diference! All the people who joined this posted a lot of photos, news, opinions, links, videos, etc.
Enter to the page, click where it says "join this space"and create an account. Then, I'll accept your membership request.
Please join, enjoy and share news, and whatever you want!
Thanks to all the people who has already joined!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Great news!

Hi everybody! I've created the site for our "Stop Whaling Now" project. To join the page and post, do the following:
*Join in in wikispaces(
*Enter to
*Click where it says "join this space"(where it says "actions", in your right)
*Then, sign in with your username and password.
*Follow the instructions.
Thanks for the help!And join!