Monday, 2 June 2008

Great news!

Hi everybody! I've created the site for our "Stop Whaling Now" project. To join the page and post, do the following:
*Join in in wikispaces(
*Enter to
*Click where it says "join this space"(where it says "actions", in your right)
*Then, sign in with your username and password.
*Follow the instructions.
Thanks for the help!And join!


Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
SWN is a great name! Thanks for your comment, where is the site? Did you make it? What website is it? If you want me, i am can make a site like mine and we could use THAT.
Please reply back to me and tell me what you think about making a blog like mine!
But have you made a wiki already??
Bye and this is GOING FANTASTIC!!!:)

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
SWN is a fantastic name! I like it, then we should make it the title eh?
You made the blog? Where is it? If you did can you send me the website please? Do you want to make a blog like mine? If you then just ask again to make sure and I'll tell you, or a better way, i could actually make it myself to make it simpler on you?!
We are SO busy!! We must start now and hurry. Please reply back quickly to me.
This is going really well, yes! We are getting so much people. Can't wait to start working harder.

Nadine said...

Okay Stephie!!
I'll make the blog like mine and if i succeed, i will tell you and give you the site. So then, we will start writing? We must hurry!!! :)
I will make it after writing this comment, and hopefully it will work.
Thanks for your comment :) I will keep writing!!

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
I am so excited this going really well. But i saw the wiki you made and it is perfect for what we are doing!! Check out my class blog because they wrote about us
For the blog, i can't make it because it isn't working, so we'll have to leave it for another time!! Maybe we'll do it later. But how will people comment on the wiki? And can you teach me how to write some things on that wiki PLEASE!! And another favour please? Thank your teacher for me please!!!! This is going great anyway.
Bye and Kisses

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
The wiki is great! Thanks for your comment, glad to hear you liked the game.
Keep writing on it, and wonderful posts you've put.
Let's tell others now that we have the wiki!! :)

lisa said...

Hi Stephie,
Nadine has encouraged me to become a member on your Whaling Campaign!

I do want to join but I followed the steps you told but couldn't find where the place to write ACTION in!

If you could comment me on my blog or get Nadine to contact me on how to do it, would be very nice!


Nadine said...

Hey again Stephie!
Don't worry, i just love supproting the team and whales, and writing some things up! DON'T WORRY!! My pleasure.
I will get back to Lisa to help!
P.S Could you also try to explain to her? It is quite hard for me to explain!!
kisses dear Stephie

nadine said...

I got back to Lisa and explained to her. Phew, hope she gets it and puts something up!!
CHECK THE WIKI OUT! It looks fabulous. Pina has put something up, which is a great help. Comment on it for her eh?
Bye and stay in touch my whale fighter mate!

Meghna said...

Hi Stephi,
I'm really interested in joining in too...please could you give me the details of how I can do so!!!