Friday, 20 June 2008

Whales' project

Hey everybody, I'm very happy that this project is going really well! I've never thought a lot of people would join!.
The project is really good, and we can together make a diference! All the people who joined this posted a lot of photos, news, opinions, links, videos, etc.
Enter to the page, click where it says "join this space"and create an account. Then, I'll accept your membership request.
Please join, enjoy and share news, and whatever you want!
Thanks to all the people who has already joined!


Norma said...

Hi Stephie!
I really enjoy doing the whaling project, It is amazing!
Anyway my teacher asked if you want to check out our class blog on
So stay in touch and see ya!!

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
You are right, if we work hard together, we can make a difference. The wiki is going really well and i am proud of the effort others are putting in! They are writing up new things and all, THIS IS GREAT!! I hope we can still keep it up, and get more people.
See you and stay in touch

Nadine said...

hey Stephie
I am having a great time fighting against whaling! So are you, especially you! Yoiu are doing an extreme job and should be proud.
Keep writing...
Bye!! ;)
Hugs, Nadine

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Thanks for the comment. Better make the blog like yours I said? So it's best to make the blog like this one you have then you can make it and send the invitations because you are better and I don't know how to....
So, great that your teacher did the right thing and added those emails. Of course, if I get any more.. I will send them to you! ;) And also, yes it IS awfully sad about the poor africans. Very well thought out, that comment you wrote. Congrats for the maths, you deserve it!! Good job. Well, take your time writing next chapter and if I get anymore emails I'll tell you!
Hugs, Nadine

Nadine said...

Oh and I commented back to you on my blog, I always do, so each time you comment, keep checking my blog until I respond. Don't forget that, or you'll miss out on what I say to you!! Also, ALL THE BEST IN YOUR TESTS!! :)
Kisses, Nadine