Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hey there!

I have just been here and I have just found the challenge of this week :

Write a post about an animal that you would like to see in the wild. See if you can add a link in your post to a webcam or video and some websites about your animal. Why do you want to see that animal in the wild rather than at a zoo?

The animal I have chosen is the Lion

The lion is known as the king of the jungle , so if that is his name ... why does it have to be in a zoo?
Who finds it funny to see a lion in a zoo ?
He is sad ther and he needs to be with other lions , in the jungle .

There are lots of web pages talking about this ,and it is not only with the lion , there are other animals too ;) I am sure you have read some of then :) Am I right?

We also made a project last year at school , it was for all those animals who are in the zoo or in the circus , and the goverment has not allowed them to have those animals working there.

If you need some web pages about it , here are some links =)

Here is the same question I have asked in this post , I found this on goolge and and some people answered to the question :)

Do lions live in the jungle , if not , why are they called the king of the jungle?

Lions , by wikipedia =)


Photo by:~Sage~

Kisses to everybody,

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Summer, summer...

Hey everybody!
I was on Flickr just a moment ago, and I found these amazing photos of summer...and they remebered me of holidays...I miss them sooo much!
Here they are so you can see them! Enjoy! :)
Then tell me which one is your favourite.

Photo by:photog63

Photo by: WisDoc

Photo by:Dude Crush

Photo by:
Adamos Maximus

Kisses to everybody,

Monday, 13 April 2009

Which one is the colour for you?

Hi There!

The challenge of this week was to write about a colour , so , I have just chosen some , you will have to look for the one that is for you , do the quiz and please do not see the results before doing it!

Rules :)

1- Choose the answer you think that goes with your personality each question.
2-Look at the resuts adnd find out what colour is the one for you!! :)

A- It is a rainy day , you have to decide what to wear so you choose ...

1-Something with flowers , anything that makes the day happier!
2-Something dark , no colours if it is rainy.
3-You use a dark jacket but you use something with happy colours just because the day can be sunny later.

B- You are making a party and you have to choose the music , you put ...

1-Country of course!
2-My Chemical romace.
3-You make a mix of everything!

And the last one ...

C- You prepare a salad , so for the ingrdients you choose :

1-Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, red and green apples, lemons, everything for the most colorful salad ever!
2-Just lettuce and tomatoes.
3-You decide what you want to eat , not just because what the salad looks like.

So, now, yes, you can see the results!!

Most A :

You are yellow!!
You are really happy , it does not matter the rain , the cold , anything. You are a happy person and colours are very important for you!

Photo by: Matthew Fang

Most B :

You are red!!
You are a very intense about your feelings and you show it by colours , you choose your clothes , music and food , it depends the day . It is great to change , always choose something different!
Photo by:Rickydavid

Most C :

You are Orange!!
You are in the middle , you are not Yellow , but you are not Red either. You have a mix of both!

Photo by:exper

My result...

I did the quiz and my Result is Orange! I am a mix of both! Yay!! :)
What about you?

Have a nice week everybody! :)


Saturday, 11 April 2009


Hi There!

We are gonna celebrate Easter soon!

Here in Argentina we are planning our Easter celebration for tomorrow!
Yesterday we went to buy our Easter´s eggs , mm , chocolate , yummy!

And tomorrow we are gonna go to the church for all the Easter prayers .

For me Easter is the best celebration of the year , apart from new year and Christmas , of course :)

And of cousre we can not forget about the Easter Bunny :) What do you know about him? Yes , he is the one who brings the chocolates!! :) ahaha

What about you? Do you celebrate Easter?How?If you don´t celebrate it , would you like to? :)

Love you all and have a really nice weekend!