Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hey there!

I have just been here and I have just found the challenge of this week :

Write a post about an animal that you would like to see in the wild. See if you can add a link in your post to a webcam or video and some websites about your animal. Why do you want to see that animal in the wild rather than at a zoo?

The animal I have chosen is the Lion

The lion is known as the king of the jungle , so if that is his name ... why does it have to be in a zoo?
Who finds it funny to see a lion in a zoo ?
He is sad ther and he needs to be with other lions , in the jungle .

There are lots of web pages talking about this ,and it is not only with the lion , there are other animals too ;) I am sure you have read some of then :) Am I right?

We also made a project last year at school , it was for all those animals who are in the zoo or in the circus , and the goverment has not allowed them to have those animals working there.

If you need some web pages about it , here are some links =)

Here is the same question I have asked in this post , I found this on goolge and and some people answered to the question :)

Do lions live in the jungle , if not , why are they called the king of the jungle?

Lions , by wikipedia =)


Photo by:~Sage~

Kisses to everybody,


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie and Pri! the king of the jungle, hehehe

Amanda said...


I know it is so sad to see the animals all alone in the zoo. I think that Lion is a great choice.


Livvvvv. said...

Hey Stephie and Pri,
I haven't talked to you two in the longest time and I miss ya, so I thought that I would visit you blog. How are you guys? Anything new? And I think that the Lion is a wonderful/excellente choice. lol It is so sad when animals are all alone being captive in zoos, but I betcha they are better at being alone then we are.
-Liv ♥

livvvvv. said...

Hey Stephie-
I know, we really haven't talked in a long time. I am glad that you are doing good. lol I am fine too, but right now I am actually studying too.. for science. I have a test tmrw lol. :[ But I like science and I do good in that class so it's kinda smiley. I don't have any exams, but I took a math test the other day.. :[ I don't think I did too well. We had a meet that day for track and we had to leave early so I wasn't able to finish it! Oh yeah! I am on the track team now. I am a sprinter.. so anywhoo, lovee ya xoxo

livvvvv. said...

Hey Pri-
I have been doing just fine, thanks. I am doing track now and I am actually not that bad. I am studying too, I have a test tmrw in science lol. Uhm, I don't know what else to say. But it's good to talk to you and your sister again. Lovee yaa