Saturday, 18 April 2009

Summer, summer...

Hey everybody!
I was on Flickr just a moment ago, and I found these amazing photos of summer...and they remebered me of holidays...I miss them sooo much!
Here they are so you can see them! Enjoy! :)
Then tell me which one is your favourite.

Photo by:photog63

Photo by: WisDoc

Photo by:Dude Crush

Photo by:
Adamos Maximus

Kisses to everybody,


Anonymous said...

All of them look nice! I like the first one, it reminds me of Cairo, Egypt. Out hotel was facing the streets and the sea.

Reniii said...

Hi Stephie!
Thanks for leaving a comment n my blog.
I love all the photos, they're very beautful
My favourites are the first and the second

Dominique said...

Hi Stephie!
Those pictures do remind me of summer. I also miss summer, but my summer vacation starts in a little less than 2 months. Yay! All of those pictures are nice but I'd have to say my favorites are: the 2nd picture and the 4th picture. They remind me of some warm tropical island,with lots of swimming.

flor said...

Hey stephie! I like the third picture, it's the one that reminds me to summer the most, beacuse i'm not up before 12p.m in summer, so i don't really do pretty much anything when the sun is up but eating, I like the nicht so much more!
See you at schoole, love you estu.

MeghnaK said...

I loved the pictures stephie

Ps- have you forgotten me?? Please pay a visit soon n keep in touch :)

Priscila said...

hey Meghna!
Thanks for the comment , sorry I haven´t commented on your blog , but my computer says I can not enter on that page =( do you have another blog ?
Have a nice day! luv ya! <3<3<3

Priscila said...

have a nice day! :)