Saturday, 11 April 2009


Hi There!

We are gonna celebrate Easter soon!

Here in Argentina we are planning our Easter celebration for tomorrow!
Yesterday we went to buy our Easter´s eggs , mm , chocolate , yummy!

And tomorrow we are gonna go to the church for all the Easter prayers .

For me Easter is the best celebration of the year , apart from new year and Christmas , of course :)

And of cousre we can not forget about the Easter Bunny :) What do you know about him? Yes , he is the one who brings the chocolates!! :) ahaha

What about you? Do you celebrate Easter?How?If you don´t celebrate it , would you like to? :)

Love you all and have a really nice weekend!



Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
I love Easter too.It is fun to look around my house for hidden multi-colored plastic eggs and find what is inside of them. Sometimes my sister and I find leftover Easter eggs that we didn't find in the Summer but by then the candy is gross. We also put out baskets which the Easter Bunny fills with chocolates(my favorite is white chocolate)and jelly beans and then we use the baskets to hold eggs. It is a very fun morning!

Anonymous said...

We don't celebrate easter, but I hope to convince my dad to buy me chocolates...