Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What Inspires Me

I have been tagged by my friend Ash to do this post , Hope you will like it :)

What inspires me ...

1-Figure skating , When I practise figure skating I can find myself :)
2-Writing , I love writing and I think it is the best way to show your feelings and relaxing :)
3-Blogging , Blogging , what I love most! I like when I meet people all over the world!It is awsome I can chat with them anytime!

So , what about you?

Now I will tag :)



Have a nice day!! kisses!



Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
I just read the post, good job! Just make sure you tag some people so it spread throughout the blogging nation!
I'm doing good and schools really good. What about you? How are things?

Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
I also like to figure skate it is very fun and I also lose myself in it. I also like to write, too.

kayla said...

Hey Priscila, I was wondering where you have been. I was getting worried. I love your blog you are so smart and I love reading about the things that you like. I often think adults forget kids have alot of the same outlook of life as adults. You seem like such an incredible person. Stay strong study hard. I am excited about the new baby I just hope everythign goes ok this time around all though I am sure it will. I cant wait to read more of your posts. Do you have a myspace? I do if you ever wanna check out my page there is lots of pictures and lots of things on Lucian and just everything. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=302853012

I hope you are doing well and cant wait to hear from you again soon!

Reniii said...

Hi there!
thanks for tagging me!
I also like writting
and of course blogging
i'll do it as soon as I think of sth to put
i couldn't do the one of the food because i can't think of sth i invented
i mix a lot of thinkgs but
it's not worth mentionig them
hope u r OK

Anonymous said...

Heyy Priscila! I havent talked to you in so long, thanks for commenting on me. Talk to you laterr.

Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
In response to your question about me practicing figure skating the answer is yes. From age 4 to age 8 or 9 I figure-skated but then I stopped. I just recently started up again, though. It really is fun isn't it?
p.s. Your blog is doing SUPER well!

Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
I play basketball, tennis, run cross-country and swim. What sports do you do?

Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
Cross-country is a fall sport and it is long-distance running. The courses normally range from 1 mile to about 3.It is very fun.

Livvvvvvvv. said...

Hey girlies, I never know how to address you guys. So girlies it is, lol. So yes, I am laughing all the time and I usually find the stupidest little things the funniest. School is going great.. only 3 more months I think and then summer! How are you 2 liking school?

Amanda said...


You're lucky you can skate. I tried and was on my butt the whole time!!!! I love to write. I realized recently then only some get the way I write but as those who can I hope they enjoy it. I heart blogging too.


Megan said...

Hey Priscila,
Sorry I took so long to return your comment. I also did a post on what inspires me. I wrote about music, nature, and the people around me. Keep in touch.

Livvvvvvvv. said...

haha heyy girlies.. and yes, twilight already came out and i have seen it sooo many times, and i think it might get better every time too, lol! and thats good you did good on your test exam thing. ahha well have a happy easter! talk to you girls later <3