Sunday, 1 March 2009

This is real , this is me!

Hi everybody!
As you know , my name is Priscila , but everybody calls me Pri or Prisci.
I define myself as an active , funny and talkative girl.
I am 13 years old and I live in Argentina.I have one sister (Stephie) and a little brother , he is lovely!
I love sports and as you can see in my profile , my favourite is figure skating.I also love going to the gym and swimming.I love swimming because is a good way to relax.I aslo love writting , I am working in a project right now.Hope one day I will become an author!
I enjoy playing the piano and going out with friends.
My favoutite singers are "The Jonas Brothers" , "Miley Cyrus" , "Demi Lovato" and "Hayden Panettiere".
I also love "Muse" , "The Fray" and "Iron and Wine".
If I had to choose my favourite movie , I would choose "Ice Princess". I watch it near every saturday!
But I love "Twilight" too , it is now one of my favourite ones.
Books.I enjoy reading cool books!It is also a good way to relax.I think that you can discover new worlds when you read.You let your imagination fly. So ...Let it fly , let it fly , let it fly!
My favourites are "Twilight Saga" , "Dracula" , and everything from Roald Dahl.I love "Matlida" , "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Taste and other Tales".
I love acting too , I have started with it since I was 6 and now I love it.
But my passion are languages.I have just changed to a school were you learn languages.So this year I will continue studying English and Spanish and I will start with French and Latin classes.
I will need good luck!haha!
My favourites webpages are Youtube and Shelfari.
I will describe a day in my life :)
I wake up too early , at 6 am.I wake up at that time when I am at holidays too.
I go to school , and then I have lunch.I love the typical food here , my favourite are "Empanadas".They are kind of sandwiches , but they are put in the oven.
During the afternoom I go to the club , and talk to my friends.
I always have time to read , it doesn´t matter if it is at night. I read everyday.
I watch TV and go with the computer too , and then , go to sleep of course.Get ready for the next day!And during the weekend , I always go out with my family.
To end I would like to say that my favourite part of the day is when I talk to my friends all over the world , those who I met by the blog.
Thank you for reading and I can´t wait to read about you!
Lots of kisses.

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