Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Hope everybody is Ok.
I wanted to know , about your dreams , what do you want to be when you grow up?Maybe an actor , doctor , lawyer?
Me , I want yo be a doctor.I love helping people , and it makes me feel so happy :)
I love sports too , but I would like them to be a hobby , because I don´t see them like a work , I see them like something I love <3
So , what about you?
Luv ya!!!


Reniii said...

Hi Stephie and Pri!
I've just tagged u to do something!
Come to my blog and check it out!

You already know I want to be a chef, mybe a baker or open my restaurant!
Good luck being a doctor
My older sister is studying to be one!

Stephie said...

Hey Prisci,
I dream about becoming an actress :)
I also want to become a singer...
Well, see you
Stephie :)