Friday, 26 February 2010

The place where I live: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello everybody! I thought it would be a great idea to post a bit of the place where I live.
I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. It's an awesome place to visit a lot of museums, cinemas, theaters, parks and much more. There are a lot of shoppings and the streets are full of friendly people.
I'll show you some photos of Buenos Aires:

1. In the United Nations park in Buenos Aires, there's an eye catching sculpture called Floralis Generica, or the Generic Flower. It was designed by Eduardo Catalano, an Argentinian architect who was trained in the US.
The 18 ton sculpture opens up during the day and closes at night.

Photo by: Sebastián-Dario

2. Another great place to visit is San Telmo. It's a historical neighbourhood, with a lot of people and cafés. It has a lot of galleries and it's houses are old, showing visitors the way old houses were a long time ago.

Photo by: miuchi22

3. It's one of the newest things in our city: the Natural Reserve. It's a place with fresh air, especially for people who want to relax! (You can also see some new buildings which are being built rright now).

Photo by: lrargerich

4. Located near the town's centre, The Obelisk is a great sculpture which represents our country.
Photo by: Kevin Hutchinson

5. Florida street and Galerías Pacífico, two great places to go shopping!

Photos by: photonooner and Elton Melo

6. And finally, the awesome Colon Theatre. One of the most important theatres in the world.

Photo by: Kevin Hutchinson

Argentina has a lot of wonderful places I'd like to share here with you, but they're a lot and I thought it'd be great to share the most important. Have you ever travelled to Buenos Aires? What do you think of it?
Hope you enjoyed the post,

Friday, 19 February 2010

Movie Review: The Sound of Music

Hello everybody! I was reviewing The Sound of Music the other day and thought it definetely deserved a review here. I first saw it when I was 5 years old. Thanks mum and grandma for showing me such a wonderful movie!

The movie takes place in Salzburg, in the last Golden days of the 30's. Captain Von Trapp needs a governess to look after his seven children, because their mother had died. That governess is Maria, a young woman who wants to be a nun one day. Maria and Georg discover they're in love, but Maria doesn't want to admit it because she's pledged her life to God, as she wants to be a nun. So Maria leaves the house and runs away to the abbey. So the Captain decides to marry Baroness Schreader, a wealthy woman whi doesn't like his children. But Maria returns, because the Reverend Mother in the abbey told her that 'the love between a man and a woman is holy too'.
The Captain finally marries Maria, and then they have to face the second World War. They decide to scape from Salzburg with the children.

The music is extraordinary. Julie Andrews' performance is GREAT. Christopher Plummer is another great actor.
Have you ever seen it? If you have, tell me your opinion.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Movie Review: Gone with the Wind

Hello everybody! As I'm on holidays and I've been travelling with my family a lot, I haven't been able to post. But here I am again, and this time I want to share with you my opinion on the movie Gone with the Wind.

The movie is about a 16 year old girl, Scarlett O' Hara, who lives in her big house called Tara with her family. She's in love with her neighbour Ashley Wilkes, but he loves his cousin Melanie. Scarlett doesn't care about this. Meanwhile she meets the handsome Rhett Butler, who is in love with Scarlett.
Then, the Civil War starts. Tara survives from the attacks of the yankees, but Scarlett will have to work very hard to make Tara the way it was before the war. Her mother and her father die, so she has to do all the work alone, and has to be brave and take a lot of decisions.
Then she marries Rhett Butler, but she's is still in love with Ashley. At the end, when Melanie dies, she understands Ashley will always love Melanie and not her, and that the man Scarlett really loves is Rhett. But he decides to leave her with a very famous quote: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn".

I really loved the movie. Vivien Leigh's absolutely beautiful, and Clark Gable is very handsome! A must see movie!
What's your opinion? Have you seen it?

Photo by: Annie Warhol

Monday, 1 February 2010


Beyoncé picks up a female record six GRAMMYs !

I think Beyoncé is a great singer, I love the song " Single Ladies".
She is a great dancer too!
She will be giving a concert here in Argentina in some days, hope it will be great.
She has already sold out all the tickets for her show!

Taylor Swift takes home four at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards!

I love taylor Swift songs "Love story" and " You belong with me" !

If you want to know more about the 52nd annual GRAMMY Awards, you can enter to the official website.