Friday, 19 February 2010

Movie Review: The Sound of Music

Hello everybody! I was reviewing The Sound of Music the other day and thought it definetely deserved a review here. I first saw it when I was 5 years old. Thanks mum and grandma for showing me such a wonderful movie!

The movie takes place in Salzburg, in the last Golden days of the 30's. Captain Von Trapp needs a governess to look after his seven children, because their mother had died. That governess is Maria, a young woman who wants to be a nun one day. Maria and Georg discover they're in love, but Maria doesn't want to admit it because she's pledged her life to God, as she wants to be a nun. So Maria leaves the house and runs away to the abbey. So the Captain decides to marry Baroness Schreader, a wealthy woman whi doesn't like his children. But Maria returns, because the Reverend Mother in the abbey told her that 'the love between a man and a woman is holy too'.
The Captain finally marries Maria, and then they have to face the second World War. They decide to scape from Salzburg with the children.

The music is extraordinary. Julie Andrews' performance is GREAT. Christopher Plummer is another great actor.
Have you ever seen it? If you have, tell me your opinion.


Caroline said...

Hi Stephie!
I LOVE The Sound of Music!!!!!!
My mom, sister, and I watch it every year on New Years Eve (well, it is a long movie to occupy us 'till midnight). I don't even remember the first time I saw it but it is amazing. I agree, the music is extraordinary.
I love the backdrop of Austria, it is soooooo pretty.
Do you agree?


Dominique said...

Hi Stephie!
The Sound of Music is phenomenal and I LOVE it!!!!! And Julie Andrews is phenomenal!
I was going to write about how watching the Sound of Music is our New Years tradition among my mom, sister, and I, but it seems Caroline already beat me to it...
The music is great, the acting is great, and overall it is fantastic!
Your friend,

ariana said...

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I saw your comment on Carolines blog and so I came to your place!
Hope you visit my blog!

Caroline said...

Hi Stephie!
I love Julie Andrews, she is such a great actor and singer. My favorite part of the movie is when Marie has gone back to the abbey and the children are all sad. They are sadly singing and Maria joins in, they were so happy! I like all the songs but my favorites are "Sixteen going on Seventeen" and "My Favorite Things"!