Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chapter 4: "A conversation"

Hi everyone! I'm posting chapter four from my story. Enjoy it!

Claire was very decided: she was going discover the mistery...who killed Kate?.
-"Dear... you're so tired. Please,...sleep. Go to bed,honey"-said Claire's mum.
-"Right. It's late. Tomorrow I'll go to the police departament to ask some questions. Good night"-said Claire
Claire's mum was worried. She was very decided and something bad could happen to her: perhaps the murderer could kill her or kill somebody she loves.
Claire's mum and Claire's dad were talking in the kitchen while Claire was at school.
-"You know, I'm worried about our daughter. Something could happen her, I don't know..."-said Claire's dad.
-"Me too, but you know her...when she decides something, she is going to do that. We have to be careful...she don't have to know the truth."-said Claire's mum.
Claire's dad and his wife had a secret they didn't told Claire before. It seemed to be something strange. But they weren't going to tell Claire that. They've decided to tell her another truth.
When Claire arrived from school and while Lyle was at the library, Claire's parents had a conversation with their daughter.
-"Dear...we must tell this to you."-said Claire's mum.
-"What?"-said Claire.
Her mum looked at her husband and then she said:
-"You're adopted Claire. We aren't your real parents."-said Claire's mum
Claire was shocked.
-"So, where are my real parents?"-said Claire
-We don't know,but..."said Claire's mum when her daughter said:
-"You are my real family because you have been looking after me since I was a year old. You always cared about me, and that's what real parents do with their daughters or sons. You've given me love, you've given me everything."-cried Claire.
Her parents smiled. Claire too.
-"Thanks for understanding us, dear. We love you"-said Claire's dad.
Claire cried and then, she smiled.
The next morning she was with Kate's mum at the police department. They were ready to begin the search, the search for Kate's murderer.


... the devil. He was the devil. He gave Rob two options: the first one was to kill his sister Sally. The second one was to kill himself.. Rob run to the kitchen. He was scared. The devil caught him. He had to decide quickly. He went in a panic attack. The devil wasn’t patient. The devil was going to kill him when he heard his sister’s voice.
-“Hi Rob. It’s me Sally. I’ll stay here for a week”-said Sally.
It was a bad dream, only that.

the end

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Rob was a quiet and friendly man.
He lived in a big house near the lake.He was a cheff and he worked for an important restaurant out of the village.His only family was his sister Sally.
One night he was going to sleep when he heard a noise, a strange noise.
He went downstairs and he saw a fox in his garden.
The fox hit the window and came into the house. The fox turned into something horrible, something very strange. He turned into ...


Monday, 24 March 2008

Chapter 3 : "A shock"

Here's chapter three from my story...Enjoy it!

Claire's mum was thinking.
-"Come on, tell me mum!"-shouted Claire.
-"Well...,it's Kate, your friend. She's dead"-said Claire's mum.
-"How? Where? When? Tell me, please!"-cried Claire.
-Somebody killed her in a forest,dear. Her mum says it happened tonight. A murderer killed her in the forest near here. I'm sorry"-said Claire's mum.
Claire was crying. Kate and she have been friends since kindergarden, and now, she was dead.
Claire remembered her episode at the forest. That girl who shouted her was her friend! How couldn't she recognise her? That was Kate's voice!
-"I'm an idiot! I could save her, and I didn't!"-cried Claire.
She run to her bedroom. She needed to think. Claire knew she had to find the murderer. It was going to be a very dangerous mission, but she needed to find the man who made this to Kate.
It was morning. Claire couldn't sleep in the whole night. Claire went downstairs to have breakfast.
-"Good morning dear. We know this won't be a good day for you, but try to be happy. Kate loved you. Please."-said Claire's mum.
-"I'll try to, mum. This isn't easy for me. Understand that."-said Claire.
-"Right dear."-answered Claire's mum.
-"I've to look for Kate's murderer. And I'm going to find out who killed my friend."- said Claire.

Chapter four soon. Thanks for reading and comment please!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Chapter 2: "Bad news"

Hi everybody again, here's chapter two from my story...

and...she became calm. It was a friendly but scaring rabbit.
-"Oh my God...what shall I do now...?"-she wondered.
She knew where she was because she was near her house. She could see her parents' car parking in her garden. It was 11:30 and her brother was at his friend's house. So she run to her house and sat in the sofa.
-"Claire, dear...where's Lyle?"-asked her mother.
-"Hi mum...Lyle?Oh,he's at Jack's house. He'll be back in a minute."-answered Claire.
-"Well...I'll go to my bedroom with your father...we're so tired. Good night dear."-said her mother-"And wake me up if Lyle comes from Jack's house!"-added.
-"Ok,good night"-answered Claire.
After that, Claire remembered the unfortunate episode at the forest. She knew that voice, but she couldn't see the girl clearly.
She decided to phone a friend.
-"Hi Mrs. Thompson. Is Kate there?"-asked Claire to her friend's mother.
-"Oh, hi Claire. No she isn't here. We had a discussion and we don't know where she is. I'm so worried."-answered Kate's mum.
And after that, Claire became worried. Where was her friend? She decided to go to bed when Lyle appeared.
-"Well, it's midnight...go to bed Lyle, it's late."-said Claire.
-"Right..."-said her brother. And he went to bed.
Before going to her bed, Claire said her mum(who was sleeping):
-"Mum, Lyle is here"-said Claire.
-"Thanks dear. Now go to sleep, it's late. Good night."answered her mum.
And Claire went to bed. Before leaving her parents' bedroom, her mum's cell phone rang.
-"Hi?"- said Claire's mum.
Claire could see her mum's face after talking on the phone.
-"Is there something wrong mum?"-asked Claire.
Her mum's face was white. Claire knew something was very wrong.
-"Claire, you must know this..."-said Claire's mum
-"What?"-asked Claire.

Chapter three soon. Hope you like the story!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Part 1

Robb was a friendly and quiet man who lived in a big house in a little village.
He was a cheff, and he worked in an important restaurant out of the village.
One night he was going to sleep when he heard a noise. He went downstairs and he saw something scaring...


Chapter 1: "Something Unexpected"

Hi everybody! I'm posting my first story here, so hope you'll enjoy it. Here's chapter one from my story...

It was ten o' clock. Claire was ready to eat dinner, when her mum said:

-"Dear, me and dad are going to go to a restaurant. Look after your brother and be careful! Is that clear?"-said her mum.

-"It's alright mum..."-said Claire.

And after saying that, her parents left. Claire and her brother Lyle were watching TV when the phone rang.

-"Claire..."-said Lyle

-"What?"-answered Claire

-"It's Jack, he wants to invite me to go to his house...can I?"-said the boy

-" here at midnight. No more than that. Is that clear?"-asked the teenager

-"Right..."-answered Lyle.

Now Claire was alone at her house. She was watching TV when she heard a noise outside.

-"What was that?"-she wondered.

She was alone, so she decided to see what was happening. She took her torch and went to the garden. The noise was louder and louder...she walk after the noise, and when she decided to see were she was, she discovered and new, strange and lonely place, a place she has not been before. It was something like a forest, but stranger. The noise disappeared. She run to her house when she saw something: a girl crying.
-"Run, get out of here!"-said the girl.
Claire run. She couldn't understand what was happening. A man was near the girl, and when Claire run away, the man killed the girl. She stopped near a tree when she realised somebody was running after her. Then she turned to see who was behind her and...

Chapter two soon. Please comment and tell me if you liked it!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Nanny

A program I like is "The Nanny".
It's a very interesting comedy!
She´s the nanny of three children who live with their father.
This is a program from United States.
¿What´s your favourite comedy?
see all of you soon

Monday, 3 March 2008

.:My favourite series:.

Hello everybody! I'm posting something about my favourite TV series.

IT'S ABOUT a group of people with extraordinary powers. Their mission is to save the world. It has got two seasons.

STARRING Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet (who has a regenerative ability).

Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet (who is Claire's father and investigates people with extraordinary powers).

Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli (who can absorbe the powers of others who has been near and then recall them).

Ali Larter as Nikky Sanders (who has multiple personailities).

If you want to know all about the series, please go to the HEROES OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT NBC.

Please leave your comments and hope you enjoyed this post!

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