Monday, 24 March 2008

Chapter 3 : "A shock"

Here's chapter three from my story...Enjoy it!

Claire's mum was thinking.
-"Come on, tell me mum!"-shouted Claire.
-"Well...,it's Kate, your friend. She's dead"-said Claire's mum.
-"How? Where? When? Tell me, please!"-cried Claire.
-Somebody killed her in a forest,dear. Her mum says it happened tonight. A murderer killed her in the forest near here. I'm sorry"-said Claire's mum.
Claire was crying. Kate and she have been friends since kindergarden, and now, she was dead.
Claire remembered her episode at the forest. That girl who shouted her was her friend! How couldn't she recognise her? That was Kate's voice!
-"I'm an idiot! I could save her, and I didn't!"-cried Claire.
She run to her bedroom. She needed to think. Claire knew she had to find the murderer. It was going to be a very dangerous mission, but she needed to find the man who made this to Kate.
It was morning. Claire couldn't sleep in the whole night. Claire went downstairs to have breakfast.
-"Good morning dear. We know this won't be a good day for you, but try to be happy. Kate loved you. Please."-said Claire's mum.
-"I'll try to, mum. This isn't easy for me. Understand that."-said Claire.
-"Right dear."-answered Claire's mum.
-"I've to look for Kate's murderer. And I'm going to find out who killed my friend."- said Claire.

Chapter four soon. Thanks for reading and comment please!


Nadine said...

Hi again Stephie!
Keep it up, keep it up!!!!!!
I'm going crazy, i LOVE IT! I want to know who kills her.
Did you make it up?
And i feel so sorry for Kate, i mean i would be VERY sad, i'd be a cry-baby.
I wish that she could come back alive.
I have the new riddle. Try it, i'm sure you'll get something!!

Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,
The same here. It's such a mystery and I can't take my eyes off it! Do post chapter 4 soon....I'm loving this! :D