Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Chapter 1: "Something Unexpected"

Hi everybody! I'm posting my first story here, so hope you'll enjoy it. Here's chapter one from my story...

It was ten o' clock. Claire was ready to eat dinner, when her mum said:

-"Dear, me and dad are going to go to a restaurant. Look after your brother and be careful! Is that clear?"-said her mum.

-"It's alright mum..."-said Claire.

And after saying that, her parents left. Claire and her brother Lyle were watching TV when the phone rang.

-"Claire..."-said Lyle

-"What?"-answered Claire

-"It's Jack, he wants to invite me to go to his house...can I?"-said the boy

-" here at midnight. No more than that. Is that clear?"-asked the teenager

-"Right..."-answered Lyle.

Now Claire was alone at her house. She was watching TV when she heard a noise outside.

-"What was that?"-she wondered.

She was alone, so she decided to see what was happening. She took her torch and went to the garden. The noise was louder and louder...she walk after the noise, and when she decided to see were she was, she discovered and new, strange and lonely place, a place she has not been before. It was something like a forest, but stranger. The noise disappeared. She run to her house when she saw something: a girl crying.
-"Run, get out of here!"-said the girl.
Claire run. She couldn't understand what was happening. A man was near the girl, and when Claire run away, the man killed the girl. She stopped near a tree when she realised somebody was running after her. Then she turned to see who was behind her and...

Chapter two soon. Please comment and tell me if you liked it!


Aguss said...

Your story is amazing! I love itt
I can´t wait to read chapter 2! keep on writing!
See you next week,
lotss of kisses. Aguss

Gabriela Sellart said...

Stephi, don't tell me the man behind her was the murderer!!!