Thursday, 20 March 2008

Chapter 2: "Bad news"

Hi everybody again, here's chapter two from my story...

and...she became calm. It was a friendly but scaring rabbit.
-"Oh my God...what shall I do now...?"-she wondered.
She knew where she was because she was near her house. She could see her parents' car parking in her garden. It was 11:30 and her brother was at his friend's house. So she run to her house and sat in the sofa.
-"Claire, dear...where's Lyle?"-asked her mother.
-"Hi mum...Lyle?Oh,he's at Jack's house. He'll be back in a minute."-answered Claire.
-"Well...I'll go to my bedroom with your father...we're so tired. Good night dear."-said her mother-"And wake me up if Lyle comes from Jack's house!"-added.
-"Ok,good night"-answered Claire.
After that, Claire remembered the unfortunate episode at the forest. She knew that voice, but she couldn't see the girl clearly.
She decided to phone a friend.
-"Hi Mrs. Thompson. Is Kate there?"-asked Claire to her friend's mother.
-"Oh, hi Claire. No she isn't here. We had a discussion and we don't know where she is. I'm so worried."-answered Kate's mum.
And after that, Claire became worried. Where was her friend? She decided to go to bed when Lyle appeared.
-"Well, it's midnight...go to bed Lyle, it's late."-said Claire.
-"Right..."-said her brother. And he went to bed.
Before going to her bed, Claire said her mum(who was sleeping):
-"Mum, Lyle is here"-said Claire.
-"Thanks dear. Now go to sleep, it's late. Good night."answered her mum.
And Claire went to bed. Before leaving her parents' bedroom, her mum's cell phone rang.
-"Hi?"- said Claire's mum.
Claire could see her mum's face after talking on the phone.
-"Is there something wrong mum?"-asked Claire.
Her mum's face was white. Claire knew something was very wrong.
-"Claire, you must know this..."-said Claire's mum
-"What?"-asked Claire.

Chapter three soon. Hope you like the story!


aguss said...

I love your story Stephie! keep on writing. It´s getting interesting.
see youu,aguss

Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,
i read the first chapter also! Fabulous story and very interesting...I just can't wait to imagine what would happen next! Eagerly waiting for chapter 3 ....Great story...keep writing....

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
That was LOVELY!
As soon as you told me that the story was on your blog, i ran straight forward to read it! I loved it and the description.
Well done! Cool STORY! it drags me in more and more!!!
I wonder what happened to the girl that died and what is wrong with Claire's mother!? Can't wait. Keep writing!!!!!!

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!!!
You gave me an idea to post stories too! Thanks!
Do you mind if i do so?
And also, it was Soul because you can't feel or see it, everyone has it and there is "Soul Music!"
Thanks alot for participating, and for the guess!!! Keep trying I'm sure you'll get a good go!
Sorry that it wasn't right, really sorry, but good guess, not bad!