Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Nanny

A program I like is "The Nanny".
It's a very interesting comedy!
She´s the nanny of three children who live with their father.
This is a program from United States.
¿What´s your favourite comedy?
see all of you soon


Nadine said...

Hi Stephie and Priscila!
Great and interesting one there!
The Nanny is SO funny and entertaining to watch! I just LOVE IT! I also have it on DVD at home.
Do you?
Well, i am crying while writing this to you.
Sorry a million, but the answer was in fact coffee because all who drank coffee had 2 e's and so did she.
But good one, i don't think i could have done better myself. Thank you for participating!!!

Nadine said...

Hey there Stephie!
I love how you write about YOU. It is very interesting.
Here are some ideas of posts to write:
1.Write about something that happened at school?
2. Keep making your posts interesting
3. Write about something different and exciting every time!
Good luck
I hope you like my ideas? :)

Nadine said...

Good to hear you like my riddles. I just want you to know, don't get upset if it is wrong. You still have a chance.
Thanks for trying. It is better for YOU!