Monday, 3 March 2008

.:My favourite series:.

Hello everybody! I'm posting something about my favourite TV series.

IT'S ABOUT a group of people with extraordinary powers. Their mission is to save the world. It has got two seasons.

STARRING Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet (who has a regenerative ability).

Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet (who is Claire's father and investigates people with extraordinary powers).

Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli (who can absorbe the powers of others who has been near and then recall them).

Ali Larter as Nikky Sanders (who has multiple personailities).

If you want to know all about the series, please go to the HEROES OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT NBC.

Please leave your comments and hope you enjoyed this post!

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Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
Just another thanks for commenting, i am really honored!!
I never knew she was your sister! Wow! Nice to have 2 heads on one computer!
That just filled in HEAPS of information to me!
And yes, Heroes is interesting, but they put it late at night, so i can't watch it, but the girl, she is really talented and pretty. I'm a fan. Are you too?
And thanks for the answer, you are kind of right, but don't be upset. It is really hard on my heart. I can't handle people being upset. It makes me cry!!
But the answer was: He wrote "Your weight" on the paper!
Get it?? LOL

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!!
First, i want to say, Claire is a beautiful talented actor.I AM a fan!!
What other shows do you like too?
By the way, i am NOT on holidays, I'm still at school, but now, i am commenting from my home, it is usual, i do that alot because i want to keep my blog going and not to let others down on their comments, having a quit reply back to them keeps it going!!
There are house team colours, like Blue, Green, Yellow and red. For school. What are you?
I am blue, Bradman, it si called at our school!!

Novice Writer said...

I watched a few episodes of Heroes..But do not watch them nowadays..

Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi Stephi, you're certainly doing a great job!

Meghna said...

Hi Stephi,
i have not watched Heroes yet bt I'll try to catch them soon. They sound great the way you describe them!
Well written :D