Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chapter 4: "A conversation"

Hi everyone! I'm posting chapter four from my story. Enjoy it!

Claire was very decided: she was going discover the mistery...who killed Kate?.
-"Dear... you're so tired. Please,...sleep. Go to bed,honey"-said Claire's mum.
-"Right. It's late. Tomorrow I'll go to the police departament to ask some questions. Good night"-said Claire
Claire's mum was worried. She was very decided and something bad could happen to her: perhaps the murderer could kill her or kill somebody she loves.
Claire's mum and Claire's dad were talking in the kitchen while Claire was at school.
-"You know, I'm worried about our daughter. Something could happen her, I don't know..."-said Claire's dad.
-"Me too, but you know her...when she decides something, she is going to do that. We have to be careful...she don't have to know the truth."-said Claire's mum.
Claire's dad and his wife had a secret they didn't told Claire before. It seemed to be something strange. But they weren't going to tell Claire that. They've decided to tell her another truth.
When Claire arrived from school and while Lyle was at the library, Claire's parents had a conversation with their daughter.
-"Dear...we must tell this to you."-said Claire's mum.
-"What?"-said Claire.
Her mum looked at her husband and then she said:
-"You're adopted Claire. We aren't your real parents."-said Claire's mum
Claire was shocked.
-"So, where are my real parents?"-said Claire
-We don't know,but..."said Claire's mum when her daughter said:
-"You are my real family because you have been looking after me since I was a year old. You always cared about me, and that's what real parents do with their daughters or sons. You've given me love, you've given me everything."-cried Claire.
Her parents smiled. Claire too.
-"Thanks for understanding us, dear. We love you"-said Claire's dad.
Claire cried and then, she smiled.
The next morning she was with Kate's mum at the police department. They were ready to begin the search, the search for Kate's murderer.


Nadine said...

I never expected her to be ADOPTED!?
I wonder who killed Kate. I hope it isn't someone nice or good.
I wonder who it is....
Anyway, i will hopefully continue the story. GREAT THAT YOU LIKED IT!!
I will keep continuing it.
Stay in touch!!!

Meghna said...

Hey Stephie,
That a nice twist to the story which makes it even more interesting...I've always thought that being adopted adds spice to the story and that's just what you did! Hope she didn't cry all night after hearing this!
I liked chapter 4 so I'm eagerly waiting for chapter five just like all others! :D

Nadine said...

Can't wait for the NEXT ONE!!!
Keep it GOING stephie!
Anyway, i have posted the next chapter on my blog. Hope you like it. And YES! the pictures FREAKED me out!!
How long is the story?

Nadine said...

Plus tell your sister to keep her story going too! I am fussing over your story and hers. COOL STORIES!!