Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Dracula Legend

I was thinking about horror films and I remembered Dracula´s story.I will tell you a little about Dracula.

The Dracula Legend

The writer Bram Stocker invented Count Dracula in 1897.The most famous vampire in the world didn´t like light.He hated garlic and crucifixes but he loved human blood!
The first Dracula film appeared in 1931.The director was Tom Browning.Today there are Dracula films in about 50 different languages and there are more than 700 horror movies based on the Dracula legend.

Hope all of you are ok!


Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympic Games: Congratulations Argentina!

Beijing 2008 promotional wallpaper.
The olympic games are over, but every country participated doing their best. But the best places are:

1.CHN - China
2.USA - United States
3.RUS - Russian Fed.

Congratulations to those countries! What about Argentina?...

Basketball -Men B

Cycling- Track G

Sailing-Tornado B

Football -Men G

Hockey -Woman B

Judo -Women B

Very proud of my country: congratulations, Argentina!

Photo by: quimpg
Did you enjoyed the Olympic Games?Hope everybody enjoyed this beautiful experience, which won't be repeated again until 2012!

Enter to the Beijing 2008 official webiste!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

August 21th: Happy birthday, Hayden Panettiere!

Hayden Panettiere(red and pink dress) at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, 2008.
Photo by: ewen and donabel

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday Hayden...

Happy birthday to you!

Hi everybody! Today's my favourite actress and singer's birthday! 19 years! So, here, from Argentina, want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAYDEN PANETTIERE!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

August 17th: José de San Martin's day

San Martin's tomb. Photo by: longhorndave

The Father of Argentina. The Libertador. His tomb is in the Buenos Aires Cathedral right off of the Plaza de Mayo. It is guarded by two soldiers on par with the Buckingham Palace guards.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rural , Argentina

The “122° exposición rural” was visited by a lot of people at Buenos Aires..
If you go , you will see tractors , horses , cows and another animals.
I went there last Monday and I enjoyed it a lot! My sister and my brother enjoyed it too!
It is from July 24 to August 5 in Palermo , Buenos Aires.
People from the field go to show their production of the year.
Hope all of you are OK.