Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympic Games: Congratulations Argentina!

Beijing 2008 promotional wallpaper.
The olympic games are over, but every country participated doing their best. But the best places are:

1.CHN - China
2.USA - United States
3.RUS - Russian Fed.

Congratulations to those countries! What about Argentina?...

Basketball -Men B

Cycling- Track G

Sailing-Tornado B

Football -Men G

Hockey -Woman B

Judo -Women B

Very proud of my country: congratulations, Argentina!

Photo by: quimpg
Did you enjoyed the Olympic Games?Hope everybody enjoyed this beautiful experience, which won't be repeated again until 2012!

Enter to the Beijing 2008 official webiste!


Meghna said...

congratss!! But India didn't do as well as expected :)

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Sorry for not commenting for AGES!! I'm back. The blog's going great...
Thanks for all your comments too!
I'll try the password, comment and let you know how it goes straight away! Guess what? On September 10, Tomorrow, is my birthday!!!
Wow... congrats to Argentina for a wonderful effort, I'm sure they did their best, had a brilliant time in China and won a few games. I also cheered for them you know. I think China won because they hosted it...
Well done Argentina!!! ;)