Thursday, 26 February 2009

Music for life!

Hi everybody!
Today I was thinking about music , and I realised that it is very important , at least in my life.
Have you ever imagined life without music?
NOOOOOOOO!It would be horrible!
I wouldn´t be able to live without it!
I love music , my favourites songs are hot n cold (katy perry) , supermasive blackhole (muse) you found me (the fray) everything of the jonas brothers , miley cyrus and demi lovato!!!
so what about you?have you ever imagined life without music?which are your favourites songs?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Visions of Earth 2008 - National Geographic

Hey everybody,
Zawan passed me the link to the National Geographic Webiste, (thanks!) and I found some AWESOME images!
Click here to see the images! Enjoy!

Hope everybody's OK,
Stephie :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Favorite blog widgets!

Hi everybody!
Well , we have been on and we found a cool activity.
We have chosen blog widgets.
Our favourites are , the cyber pet , on this blog we have one called jelly.
We love it because you can play with it , and If you want you can feed it!
We also have a music video of "THE FRAY" , that is one of our favourites music groups.
The song we have chosen is called "YOU FOUND ME".We know you can also put something called "mini-I-pod" , some of our friends have it and it is really cool!
The other we have is about the weather here in Argentina , we put it because it is different from other places that when we are on summer they are on winter , so everyboday knows what is the weather like here!
Then , we found one about places all over the world to visit , it changes everyday , like the "TWILIGHT QUOTES".We put them because twilight is our favourite saga and we love twilight movie and books!
So , these are our widgets , what about yours?
Priscila and Stephie.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Winter or Summer?

Hey everybody!
Let me tell you, the weather here in Argentina is really hot! The weather forecast says it will continue that way: hot, sunny...
I wish it was winter now!
In my opinion, I like both summer and winter.
When it's summer, you can go to the beach with your family and friends and have a lot of fun! When it's winter, you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, at home, watching TV... .
They have their possitive and their negative sides.

So my question is...
Do you prefer summer or winter? Or do you like both? If you like both, tell me why.

Photo by: Stathis_1980

Photo by: lambertwm

Hope everybody's Ok,
Stephie :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I've been tagged!

Hey everyone, I've been tagged by Amanda to do this post.
If I was the last person on earth...
I wouldn't know what to do, I'd probably kill myself. I couldn't imagine that, to live alone, without your friends and family...I just couldn't stand it.
That's what I'd do.

So now I'll tag:




Hope everybody's Ok,
Stephie :)

Last person on earth!

I have been tagged by Amanda to do this post.
Well, if I was the last person on earth I would probably ... cry at first , I do not like being alone , I prefer being with friends and family.
Then I would probably search for other people and If I don´t find them I would go and visit some places I always wanted to visit.It is not so cool to be the last person on earth but it made me think what would I do!

Now I will tag :)





Kisses and thanks to Amanda for tagging me!!!



Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Super Powers

Well , I just wanted to start one and pass it.Hope you like it!
This one is about super powers.

If you could have a super power , what would you choose?
If I could have one , I would choose mind-reader.
I would love to know what people think , just to know if they really like me or they are just saying good things about me to be polite.So mind reader is the perfect way!

If you could choose not to have a superpower , what would you choose?
If I could choose not to have one I would choose do not be able to see the future.
I do not like it just because I prefer surprises , if you could see everything about the future , life would not have fun , right? Surprises rock!

Well , so I will tag 12 people!













Lots of kisses!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

The 10 things I want to do before I die

Hey everybody, I've been tagged by Kristen and my sister Priscila to do this post. Here are the 10 things I want to do before I die:

1. Do a world tour: I want to travel all over the world to visit different places and meet new people, and also to discover new cultures.
2. Read more books: I want to read a lot of new books. When I read, I relax and I'm able to visit new and wonderful worlds!
3. Write a book: I would love to publish my own book.
4. Film a movie: I'd love to be an actress! It's one of my dreams!
5. Learn French: I want to learn French and then travel to France so I can speak it!
6. Go to singing lessons: I want to take singing lessons, because singing is one of my hobbies.
7. Help poor people: My sister also put this on her post! I also want to help them!
8. Meet Barack Obama: I would love to travel to the U.S.A and meet him. I really look up to him.
9. Meet more people on the blog: I'd love to meet new people on the world of blogging!
10. Go surfing: I know everybody wrote this, but I'd also love to do this. I would be so exciting!

I'll tag: (I won't tag ten people because everybody has done it!)





Kisses to everybody!
Stephie :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

10 things!


Well,I have been tagged by Amanda to this his post.It is not "the 7 things yu didn´t know about me" , they are "the 10 things I want to do before I die".So here they are , and it is os hard to choose only 10 things becaues I wouldd love to do around 10000000000000000000 things before I have to die , but the 10 things that are really important for me are....

1-Say thanks

I would love to say thanks to everybody who had and continue helping me.Those that remember me , and are by my side :)My mum , my grandparents , my brother and my sister , I really want to say thanks !!

2-travel round the world
It would be really cool to visit lots of places round the world , learn about cultures , and have fun!

3-write a book
I really want to become an author , I just think that one day , the things I am writing , would be in a book and people would read them!

4-Play an exciting sport
I practise figure skating and I go to the gym , I love that but I would really like to do an exctiting sport like bungee jumping or something like that :)

5-Buy a pet
I love pets!!My favourites are dogs but I also like birds , I love when they sing in the morning , it makes me feel so happy!

6-Work in a movie
I would like to be an actress , pass time with my fans (If I had them , haha!) and talk with them.I would say them that they have to dream big becuse impossible is nothing!

7-Help poor peolple
It would be great to help poor people , my school has a project with it but I would really like to do it not like work , just because I feel it.I don´t know why many people think they are different.The thing is that they are not rich but they are people as well!

8-Read more books!
It would be really cool to read all the books in the world but I don´t relly think I will read all of them , I will try to!

9-Go surfing!
It is so cool and I am trying to find the way to surf , I will probably try it next summer , I can´t wait!

10-(VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)Say to my friends....
That they are all for me!!I can´t live without them!Thanks for those who live in Argentina and specially for those who are all over the world , those that I met through the blog , because they have shown me lots of different places and they are with me, even though they live far away from here.And to my teacher Gabriella because she had shown me the way to meet them.I know that my words are not enogh and I am not sure if they will be but I really wanted to say it.THANKS , THANKS , THANKS!!

Thanks another time to Amanda for tagging me! ;) and here are the eleven ;) people I will tag.

Stephie my sister












Monday, 2 February 2009

Web Page!

I wanted to tell all of you that I have created an account by Shelfari.
Shelfari is a place where you share opinions about books and people recomend you books you haven´t read yet.
If you want to create an account just eneter here.

Hope you will have fun!!
Thanks to zawan for the info aboput the web page.