Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I've been tagged!

Hey everyone, I've been tagged by Amanda to do this post.
If I was the last person on earth...
I wouldn't know what to do, I'd probably kill myself. I couldn't imagine that, to live alone, without your friends and family...I just couldn't stand it.
That's what I'd do.

So now I'll tag:




Hope everybody's Ok,
Stephie :)


Amanda said...


Yea I know I wouldn't be able to live alone either.


normastar said...

w shank you (thank you) for tagging me! :) I've never beeen tagged like ever :P thanx u rock!!! nadine says hi!

herky said...

i know i wouldn't be able to live one day without my friend, my family and not talking to a girl =]


Anonymous said...

If i was the last person on earth I will enjoy it for myself, but then i will grow scared and try to find some other species.

Kristen said...

Ya i can't imagine myself all alone with no one it would be scary. I would be able to live either

Megan said...

Flying would be so cool. Thanks so much for tagging me. It was the first time I've ever been tagged with anything(this is for the superpowers meme).Thanks again.