Saturday, 21 February 2009

Favorite blog widgets!

Hi everybody!
Well , we have been on and we found a cool activity.
We have chosen blog widgets.
Our favourites are , the cyber pet , on this blog we have one called jelly.
We love it because you can play with it , and If you want you can feed it!
We also have a music video of "THE FRAY" , that is one of our favourites music groups.
The song we have chosen is called "YOU FOUND ME".We know you can also put something called "mini-I-pod" , some of our friends have it and it is really cool!
The other we have is about the weather here in Argentina , we put it because it is different from other places that when we are on summer they are on winter , so everyboday knows what is the weather like here!
Then , we found one about places all over the world to visit , it changes everyday , like the "TWILIGHT QUOTES".We put them because twilight is our favourite saga and we love twilight movie and books!
So , these are our widgets , what about yours?
Priscila and Stephie.


tasteach said...

G'day Priscila and Stephie,
To be part of the competition you need to make a link like this on the post:

This post has been written on “favourite widgets” as part of The Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition!
Here is the URL to use

zawan said...

the trouble with wordpress is that it doesn't allow you to insert any widgets.

normastar said...

Hello Priscilla hello Stephie.
You too, you guys blogs are great! :)
I give it 1 trillion out of 1 trillion ! byebye

Amanda said...


Your so lucky your in SUMMER!!!! I will be starting high school sooner then I think too. It's exciting but scary at the same time.


Livvvvvvvv. said...

Hey girls,
I haven't visited your blog in a while.(I've been vacation) I too am loving the Fray! Especially 'You Found Me'. I am learning to play that song on the piano.(: It's amazing and it's really not too hard. And OMG Twiligh!!! I'm pretty sure I can tell you what quote came from what book and everything! I read every single book. I read Twilight two times and I read Breaking Dawn four times.. I am on my fifth.. andddd I even read that other book, Midnight Sun, online. But she didn't finish it yet, but so far, everything she has written is so good, of course. lol

Well talk to youu soon. Keep in touch<3