Friday, 6 February 2009

10 things!


Well,I have been tagged by Amanda to this his post.It is not "the 7 things yu didn´t know about me" , they are "the 10 things I want to do before I die".So here they are , and it is os hard to choose only 10 things becaues I wouldd love to do around 10000000000000000000 things before I have to die , but the 10 things that are really important for me are....

1-Say thanks

I would love to say thanks to everybody who had and continue helping me.Those that remember me , and are by my side :)My mum , my grandparents , my brother and my sister , I really want to say thanks !!

2-travel round the world
It would be really cool to visit lots of places round the world , learn about cultures , and have fun!

3-write a book
I really want to become an author , I just think that one day , the things I am writing , would be in a book and people would read them!

4-Play an exciting sport
I practise figure skating and I go to the gym , I love that but I would really like to do an exctiting sport like bungee jumping or something like that :)

5-Buy a pet
I love pets!!My favourites are dogs but I also like birds , I love when they sing in the morning , it makes me feel so happy!

6-Work in a movie
I would like to be an actress , pass time with my fans (If I had them , haha!) and talk with them.I would say them that they have to dream big becuse impossible is nothing!

7-Help poor peolple
It would be great to help poor people , my school has a project with it but I would really like to do it not like work , just because I feel it.I don´t know why many people think they are different.The thing is that they are not rich but they are people as well!

8-Read more books!
It would be really cool to read all the books in the world but I don´t relly think I will read all of them , I will try to!

9-Go surfing!
It is so cool and I am trying to find the way to surf , I will probably try it next summer , I can´t wait!

10-(VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)Say to my friends....
That they are all for me!!I can´t live without them!Thanks for those who live in Argentina and specially for those who are all over the world , those that I met through the blog , because they have shown me lots of different places and they are with me, even though they live far away from here.And to my teacher Gabriella because she had shown me the way to meet them.I know that my words are not enogh and I am not sure if they will be but I really wanted to say it.THANKS , THANKS , THANKS!!

Thanks another time to Amanda for tagging me! ;) and here are the eleven ;) people I will tag.

Stephie my sister













tasteach said...

Hi Priscila and Stephie,
The only page your names will appear on will be the 2009 participants page, so other students taking part have a link to your URL. Many of these students you already know from Mr Bogush and Ms Smith's classes.

Anonymous said...

i dont think it was very funny when i fall, cause my butt hurts a lot but i got the hang of it enough to be able to stand still and move a lil bit so i dont fall anymore
yea i suck at volleyball too but we have to do it for school

Anonymous said...

i dont think it was very funny when i fall, cause my butt hurts a lot but i got the hang of it enough to be able to stand still and move a lil bit so i dont fall anymore
yea i suck at volleyball too but we have to do it for school

Amanda said...


I love your 10 things. I need to say that to my friends too. I really want to surf too. My uncle says he will teach me because he knows how to do it.

-Amanda- Kisses

Paul Bogush said...

Hi Priscila,
Can you do us a favor and add a tag to this post so we can track all of them-- it is 10tdb4id -- thanks!
Mr. B (Amanda's teacher)

Nicholas said...

Hi Priscilla,
Thank you for commenting on my blog and tagging me!
Very Nice Post!

Rob said...

Hello Priscila,

I like those ten things and unfortunately I haven't gotten tagged yet. I hope to soon because many of my class mates have been doing this post also. Oh yeah, thanks for commenting on my blog.


Olivia said...

Hey Priscila-
I like your 10 things and thank you for tagging me! I want to travel around the world too. I can't wait to start exploring when I get older. Oh my god! I totally want to bungee jump too! That would be so fun(: I am not that good at any other sports, lol, I like to play sports though. Awww. I have a birdie! They are so cute,they chirp all the time. I have a picture of them on my blog on one of my posts. Yeah I pretty much agree with all of your 10 things because I want to do all the same things, but when I wrote my post, I had to change them because a lot of people were writing the same things, so I wanted to make mine a little different.

tasteach said...

G'day Priscila and Stephie,
I welcome you to the 2009 student blogging challenge. It will begin in March and all activities will be on my class blog Also on the same class blog on the right hand side above my avatar will be a list of all the participants which will make it easy for you to visit other student blogs.

You are now linked there so feel free to start commenting on other student blogs.

sam said...

surfing looks sooo fun but i dont think i could ever be able to do im good how are you?? haha. yeah thanx for commenting. ik we havent talked in like forever!! welll hope to hear from ya.

luvs ya

ali said...

nice 10 things.
I'm good how have you been?
talk to you soon.
-ali! (:

Brian said...

hey Priscila, this is a very interesting post. Hope you complete those tasks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me! Nice post!

Anonymous said...

i love #9. i want to go surfing too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pri and Stephie, you guys haven't been available to chat for some time...
Are you busy?