Monday, 2 March 2009

I have been tagged!

Hi everybody!
I have been tagged by Liv to do this post. So , enjoy!
If I had to say what keeps me strong and what is something constant in my life my answer to this question would be , writing.
I think writing is a good way to show your feelings , and a cool way to relax too.
It is great to write what you feel , and let other people know about it , or just if you want to write it for yourself.I write near everyday , I love it and hope one day people will know about all my feelings , because I want to share them!And it is so cool if then , you became an author!!!
So , what about you?
Now I will tag 11 people , get ready!!








My teacher , Gabriela :)



Love you all!


Livvvvvvvv. said...

Hey great post. lol Thank you so much for doing this! I also enjoy writing but I haven't been able to do much because my journal/song book is all full and I have been looking for the right journal, it can't be blah or plain it needs to have a special quality! If you got that at all. Anyway, talk to you later.

Reniii said...

Hi guys!
it's em, reni
i was in my computer with nothing to do
and i remembered this page
i really miss writting here
and i really missed u last year
i was so bored in my classes!
i was very sad to hear that u r not coming this year!
i thought of writting again
to comunicate
(although you are coming to my same school)
anyway, i like a lo your post!
continue like that

kristen said...

Heeey Great post thats would be one of mine too. thanks for tagging me!

Amanda said...


That's such a great one. I love to write too. Actully my parents named me Amanda Rose because it sounded like an author. Haha yea it's kinda weird.