Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What inspires me...

Hey everybody,
I have been tagged by Ashley to do this post! Thanks :)

Now, what inspires me... Enjoy!

1. Music: I think music is great! It's a very important part of my life. Whenever you're sad, you listen to a music you like and you'll feel better. Music is wonderful.

2. Friends: Friends are very important to me. When you need an opinion, you can ask a friend, and he/she will tell you something that will help you.

3. Painting: I love painting. I feel free to create, and I relax a lot when I do it.

Those things inspire me. Of course there are a lot of little things, that, without knowing, also inspire me...

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So, my question is: What inspires you?

Hope everyone is OK,


Reniii said...

Hi Stephie!
I liked your post!
I love all the things you mentioned
and I think it also inspires me!
I lav u!
thanks for being so nice and cute always!

mi terroncito de azucar

Livvvvvvvv. said...

I love this post you did. I love the way you did more than one thing. I didnt do that, but i wish i did. I think that all of those things that you said I can relate too.
Comment me back. I havent talked to you in a long time. <3