Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Six things that make me happy!

Hey there, my friend Reni tagged me to do this post. So...what are the six things that make me happy? Here I'll tell you :)

1. Reading
I looove reading. I relax a lot while doing it and I enjoy it a lot too.

2. Singing
I don't sing very good, but I love singing while listening to a song. I can't help it! But when I sing, at the same time I practise, so everytime my singing gets better I think...

3. Visiting blogs
I love to visit other people's blogs. I find out more about them and you can make new friends, learn other cultures, etc.

4. Talking with my friends and my family
I love talking! When I have a problem, I like talking it over with people I trust. I also like talking about things I like, my plans, etc.

5. Watching TV
I really love watching TV! It's something I enjoy a lot, because I have fun while watching TV programmes or just movies.

6. Dancing
I love dancing while singing... It looks like I'm on the stage singing and dancing... :)

Well, I think everybody has done this post, so the ones who haven't done it yet (I don't know who hasn't done it yet, but I know a lot of people have already done it), is free to do it! :)

Hope everybody's OK,
Stephie :)


Reniii said...

Hi Stephie!
it's so long since you las posted!
i really like the same things as you do!
and hope you are ok

P.S.: I want to hear you singing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie!I also loooooooooooove to read!It is a really great past time!Do you like the Twilight series(I noticed the trailer widget)?I also love to sing, it is very fun, even though my voice isn't the best.

Danielle said...

It seems as if alot of your intersets/hobbies are similar to mine. I love singing with a passion and adding silly dance moves to a song with my friends makes the night hilarious. :D


Megan said...

Hey Stephie,
Thanks for teh comment it would be great if you could comment on my new blog as I am thinking of deleting my old one...
I enjoy doing all the things you listed as well as sport.
Well comment back soon,

Amanda said...


Most of your 6 make me happy too. When I get into a book I can't stop reading it. I loveee to dance. It's one of my favorite things to do.


Dominique said...

Hi Stephie!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm 12 and from Massachusetts.
Cool blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the comment it would have bben cool if you could have done the exchange...
Are there two of you posting posts on this blog? I'm a bit confused!!
Well comment back soon,