Monday, 19 May 2008

Let's do something!

Hi friends! Today I'm posting about a serious issue. Did you know that a lot of whales and dolphins are killed every year?So, I made my own conclution:

My favourite actress, Hayden Panettiere(Ice Princess, Heroes and more recently in Fireflies in the garden) has made a campaign called "Save the whales again!", a campaign which, in my opinion, a very good one. Hayden is very worried about this issue. As a result, she travelled to Japan last year to protest(a lot of whales and dolphins are killed there). She also travelled from L.A to Washington, to present her campaign.
She also made her own website, which can be checked out here, with the name "Fashion for a cause!". There, you can buy Hayden's clothes and help or donate something for the campaign.

What do you think? I have thought about making our own campaign, we can chose a name and do something. Do you agree with this? Please, tell me what you think! This is a very serious issue, we have to do something!


g said...

Hi Stephy,

I understand your concern about whales - as a matter of act, I'm also concerned about them.
There are different things that we can do; one of course, being campaigning to raise awareness or even to hamper the Japanese. You can visit Greenpeace page and read about their campaigns, or - if you prefer to keep using English, you can read about an 11-year-old boy´s campaign to save camels. You can also watch the video

by for now,

g said...

Hi Stephie,

I've just received this mail and I thought you'd like to read it

go to Greenpeace International Activist newslater (I'd forward it to you if I had your address)

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
, Hayden Panattiere is smart, helping the whales, she has a point. I think we should make a campaign too, but think first more of it, get more comments too! :)
That was a lovely post, in which it showed you can be famous in a good way too!
P.S About your comment, i ADORED your sentences!

Nadine said...

I am disappointed in Japan who are the first ones to show the idea of whaling. Bad people.
I understand your concern.
I feel like crying sometimes!

Nadine said...

Hello again Stephie!
Thanks for your comment! Don't worry, anytime, i'll comment and be there to do what you want me to. That's what friends are for! I know, i am afraid for the whales too! They are poor creatures who can even save our lives!!! But the people are stubborn. I know we are too young to even participate, but that is NOT fair!
Anyway, my sister IS Norma! She could participate if you want. But maybe not. I'll write a post on my blog and ask people who ever want to participate comment on your blog and tell you. I guess your teacher could help! We could work together. Of course i want to join, 100% sure. I'd love to. Now, for the name of the team, why not Whale Lifesavers or Club of Heroic Whale Savers? I don't know much yet! Please reply back to me, on your won blog, or mine, and tell me what you think!! I hope you like these names??!
Bye dear Stephie and stay in touch!
P.S Don't be worried, I'll get many people. ( I hope!). You should still have hope!!! ;)

Nadine said...

Hi! I am a friend of Stephie's, Nadine from Australia. I also want to join in on the team! I'm wondering, since you are an adult and they listen more to adults, could you please help us with this campaign?
Hope to hear from you!
We are also praying that you will help us with our campaign!! :)

Nadine said...

Hello again Stephie!
What a fabulous idea! Listen, we can make a blog like yours, but i prefer the blog like mine, because some people find it hard to comment on this type of blog! You get me?
Don't worry, i'll always be there for you! I'll try and get some people i know to help. Would you like me to get my class too? I could ask my teacher and class if you want?
I can't wait to start! I'll also tell you when i am ready. I'll make a post, make the blog and give you the address if you want!
We make a great team Stephie!!!

Meghna said...

Hi nadine,
That indeed is a serious issue you've brought out. Yes, I'm sure you'll get a lot of people for this cause. I would also like to join the army and I'm confident that we can spread the word and do some help. Awesome!

Meghna said...

Hi stephie, I am here again. I addressed you as nadine in my earlier post. Sorry, it was just that I got to know about this from her blog and was in fact commenting on that too.

Naomi said...

I'm Nadine's friend and I want to join. I've told her and I hope this will be a great group.
This is such a sad issue it makes me want to cry :cry:
Lets work together and overcome this problem :-)
Naomi :mrgreen:

Stephie said...

Hello to everybody! Thanks for the support you're giving to this issue.
@Nadine: Please ask your class! Great idea. Thanks, I'll ask mine.
@Meghna: thanks for joining. We'll fight together! Do you know people who'd like to join too?
@Naomi:Thanks! I'll post on the blog when it's time to start the campaign.
Thanks to everybody!

pichila_07 said...

Hi stephi!

I know that this people is killing dolphins too!I can´t believe that!!
I am with you!!



Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
This is going great! Naomi is my Australian mate too, don't worry!
About the comment, no WORRIES! I have about 3 people so far as well, but hopefully that is enough. Also, i will ask them for their emails if they accept and if they even have!! Can you please tell me more? We have to plan more ahead and hurry!!! I was thinking, please do this for me!
Please comment on my classes' blog and tell them you are a friend of mine from Argentina and ask if they would like to join! Please? Since i am helping, this favor will repay me!! Here is my classes' blog, don't forget!!
If you can't get to this address, go to my blog and look for the side bar on the left that says,"Home" when you find it, it will say 08Allstars. So click it and comment and ask them if they want to join! Please? Bye and stay in touch! ;)

Nadine said...

So why don't we do a blog like mine? Easier to comment on for people. Some find it hard to comment on this type of blog, you get me?
Anyway, bye!! ;)

Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi Stephie, I think it could be a good idea to start a wiki to organize this. I left a comment to Nadine.
See you

julii said...


LaLu said...

Hi Stephie,
I think yours is a great idea, but maybe you should get more information first.
Anyway, I agree with you in everything and It's a great idea to make a campaign too.
I think that we should talk about other animals that are in danger too(maybe another time)because everybody talks about whales, but what about penguins or circus animals? Maybe I'm asking too much...
Anyway, follow with this campaign, I'll be here for ever supporting you.

see you then...

NormaStar said...

Hello Stephie, I agree with you. We should save the whales. I wrote a post about whales if you want to see. I would love to join in the team! Great idea!! See ya!!

Nadine said...

Hey stephie!
Don't worry, I have about 5 or 6 people maybe others will join in too! My teacher read your comment out today in front of the class, and asked some people if they'd like to join, they could!! I have decided to do a wiki! BUT WHEN!!!!!?? Have any ideas? We need to make a post and say that we are making a wiki and that we will research and look up some things. What else should our campaign do you think?? Bye and stay in touch!!

Nadine said...

Now my sister, Norma, agreed to join too!
So much others are JOINING!! This is working out really well!! :)

Nadine said...

P.S Have you asked your class? Could you give me their blog address so i could ask if you want? Your class and mine can get together and make this as a project!! ;)
Let your teacher comment on my teacher's blog and let them get together!!Here's the address:

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie!
According to my calculations, there are about 5 people who want to participate.
We better hurry and start the wiki!
I don't know how to make one, so if you could ask your teacher to make it, and give us the address please?
I'll ask as well!
These are the people that want to join: Pina, Naomi, Meghna, Norma and Momtahina! I'll keep waiting for more others who want to join!!

NormaStar said...

Hi Stephie!!
For the No whaling team thing we should make up a team name! Do you think "SWN" is a good name it stands for stop whaling now. Anyway it's your choice!! Bye