Sunday, 4 May 2008

ancient forests

Did you know that?

Unilever, the makers of Dove beauty products, are buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy Indonesia's rainforests. We've got the proof. They're causing forest destruction, species extinction and climate change.Together we can make the company stop destroying forests for palm oil. You can go to and sign the open letter.

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Nadine said...

Hi Stephie and Priscilla!
They are cutting down trees just for perfume and cream!? HOW STUPID! The trees help u breathe, how could they do that!!! Could me in, I'm SO going to chop the heads off those baddies.
Count me in, I'M SO going to participate in that thing! ;)
Such a helpful post! Thanks for telling me!!

suvaiba said...

hi stephie..
even i am a nature freak..thanxx fr dis gr88 newz//ill soon be signing to dat address
\keep rytin/

pichila_07 said...

I am happy!You are an ecologist person!It is great!
Yes ,it is amazing that they cut trees down only for perfumes and creams.
I love nature and I am happy you too.
Kisses :)


priscila said...

Hi suvaiba! It's amazing! Thanks for the comment. I'm a nature person too.

kayla said...

Hi Priscilla, I love reading your blog. I am as well going to go to the address. I wish you all the best and I hope thingsare going well.