Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Latest on technology: the iPhone!

Photo by Niels van Eck
Hey everyone! I'm sure you've heard about the iPhone. Pictured above is the iPhone menu. But...what does it do? Here the answer to all your questions:
~ Internet, Camera, Multimedia files
~ Calendar
~ Mail
~ Music
~ Map
~ Confortable design

WOULD YOU like to have an iPhone? Well, i guess everybody would like to have one :)
In my opinion, the iPhone is great. The latest technology, design and stuff! I don't know if I'm satisfied about the price, because here in Argetina is very expensive.
Hope you liked the info.


Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi Stephie, I'd love to have an iPhone, but as you say, they're sooo expensive.

Stephie said...

Hi teacher,
Thanks for the comment! Yes, they are awesome phones, but so expensive. Totally agree with you.

Nadine said...

Hey Steph
I'd really like an I-phone, because it sounds so cool and amazing to have, and mostly because I'd like to have time alone to go on the internet without having to be pushed off by my brother...
So all that sounds really awesome, and I'll try to buy it in the future. Technology these days is so GREAT!!!! I know they are expensive, which is a shame, but if you save up you'll buy it one day!!
Thanks for the comment.
Kisses, Nadine