Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chapter 6:"A call"

Here's chapter six from my story! Enjoy it!

Claire was happy but scared at the same time. Her friend looked beautiful, was Kate there? Wasn't she dead? But Claire knew that she returned to tell her something. It semeed to be something very important.
-"Claire, thanks for all the things you've been doing for me. You've always been a very good friend of mine"-said Kate, happily.
-"Kate, look, I'm very sorry...I saw you, but I didn't recognise you...I'm very sorry. I felt and I still feeling guilty, so I've decided to find your murderer."-cried Claire.
-"Please, don't feel like that. You didn't recognise me. Everyone has mistakes."- said Kate.-"But now I must tell you something. You're in great danger, Claire. The murderer is looking for you. Please, stop with this. Don't put your family in danger..."-said Kate.
-"I'm sorry, friend. I've decided to do this, and don't matter the risk, I'll find the murderer."-said Claire.
-"Thanks."-said Kate.
Kate smiled. She was happy to have a friend like Claire: a very funny girl and a very loyal friend.
-"Claire, dear, Claire?-" said Claire's mum. She needed to tell her daughter something.
-"Mum, mum...look, there's Kate, she's returned...look"-said Claire
But there was nobody there.
-"Dear, I know you miss her a lot...but..."-said Claire's mum
-"But..."-said Claire
-"Go to sleep, dear, it's late"-said Claire's mum.
When Claire was at her bedroom, the phone rang.
-"Hi?"-said Claire
She noticed that the voice was very loud...and she didn't know the person.
-"Who's there?"-asked Claire

Chapter seven soon. Hope you liked it!


Nadine said...

Hi stephie!
COOOOOOOL! I think the murderer called! I'm sorry I haven't posted the story and of course i LOVE IT!
I couldn't post the story because the website is not working!!!
I might start a new one until, it works!
Bye!! :)

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
Great you seem to like my story! Can't wait until your next chapter is up!!
Your story is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
Keep writing!

Meghna said...

Hi Stephi,
Really great and exciting read but I think you should write a bit longer chapters coz I can't contain my excitement about what would happen next :P