Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Recoleta cemetery´s

A lovely place where I like going, is the cemetery of Recoleta. This cemetery was founded in 1822 and it’s the place where a lot of presidents and national heroes have been buried. I like the cemetery because I appreciate his architecture orientated to the European architecture of the seventeen century. Inside the cemetery there is a lot of flours and the air is very pure. When I am inside, I can feel very relaxed, and I feel that my soul is in a perfect harmony whit myself. Sometimes I just sit over a stone close to a big mausoleum and I stay there thinking about the people I love.

Here there is a poem about the cemetery that I loved; I’ve just translated by my own so it is possible that it has a lot of mistakes. Anyway, here it is!

The life and the death by Susana Espósito

Recoleta, a district so ambivalent, on the one hand life, on the other one death.Bars, restaurants, flowering parks, craftsman fairs, people laughing . The death looks at them silently, on the other side, peace from cemetery. Behind his walls, rest the valiant,poets, sportsmen’s, several presidents, catch the mystery of young girls, the history of love and sleeping beauty. Angels watch over their shattered dreams, swords rest, those that so much had fought, laurels crown the achieved glories martyrdom palms, embitter tears. An anchor wants to be reinforced in the earth; she ignores the mystery that death shut in, and the mother’s son who watches whit a sweet look, bless everyone who arrives to his eternal dwelling.

This is a link for a website where you can go if you are interested in founding more information about Recoleta cemetery:

Here there is another link, this time you can see a video about de cemetery:


Gabriela Sellart said...

Really good. I think you're starting to understand what this is about.
Try to embed the video and try to find out on your own (perhaps using Blogger help) how to add hyperlinks.
Write the name of the poem and the poet, you can hyperlink it to the original Spanish version.
The language is quite good. I'm impressed by the vocabulary.

octi.- said...

This poem is named: The life and the death by Susana Espósito, a touristic guide
I can´t embed de video normaly because youtube don´t let me download the video from his website. The next time I will add hyperlinks

Gabriela Sellart said...

embedded IS allowed in that video. I've checked. write the name of the writer in the post.