Thursday, 6 September 2007

Villa Traful

Last month I traveled with my partners and six teachers to Villa Traful in Neuquen. The during of the trip was seven days. We stayed in a hostel and one day we slept in the “Cerro Bayo”.
Every day there was snow so we can enjoyed a lot. We did these activities: trekking, mountain bike, “culopatín”, we traveled in a aerosilla and the last day we did a stove and later a fancy-dress party . I dressed up of a baby: I used a bib, a dummy, an infantile pyjamas and a doll.
When we went to the mountain bike I fell down three times and in one of them I hitted in the pear but fortunately nothing happens to me.
I enjoy very much the trip along with my friends, it was a very nice experience and I hope that one day it should be possible to repeat it.

Here is the web site of the hostel:

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