Monday, 3 September 2007

My Favourite Programme

My favourite programme is a cartoon called The Simpons. It's in Telefe everyday at 7 p.m. It's a story about a very funny family who live in Springfield. Homero and Marge have three kids: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Lisa is very intelligent and she also plays the saxophone, but Bart is a bad boy who always gets in trouble at school. Marge is a very good mother and she wants everything to be very clean. But Homer is very different, he never wants to work and he loves beer and donuts. Their neighbors are a nice family called Flanders who are very religious. Homer hates Ned Flanders and he always uses his things.
The reason why I like this programme is because it's very funny to see all the crazy things this family do. I recommend this programme to all the people, no matter how old they are, who want to have a good time and laugh a lot.

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stephi_mary-jane said...

Hi Renata! I liked your post! I also like the Simpsons, they are a very funny family and I laugh a lot with them!