Monday, 24 September 2007

Elmo is in a graffiti!

I took this graffiti from internet and I selected it because the drawing remembers my infancy. The person in the draw is “Elmo” a character of a cartoon called Plaza Sésamo.

When I was a little girl I loved watching that TV programme and my favorite character was Elmo.

I like this graffiti because the drawer used a lot of colors that do the grafiti looks like a photo. Also, there are some fluorine colors that attracts the viewer’s attention.

I think that this graffiti belongs to a band, because so many times appears the logo “Cha Noir” and also because Elmo is playing a drum. Maybe, the members wants to do publicity of his band and he think that the graffiti is the best way to the reputation.

Do you think that graffiti is a good way of publicity something?

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Gabriela Sellart said...

Ana, good for searching a photo published under a CC license and good for attributing it to the author!
Perhaps a graffiti is a good means of promotion. At least it's a creative one.

Frann said...

I think is not Elmo, I think is The monster eater cookies, im not sure, what is the exactly name... but Im sure is not Elmo

Frann said...

I like the graffiti, is nice ^^

anu_oxen said...

really, I don't know. I supposed that it was elmo because Elmo is red

Emerson Apathy said...

Hey, found this while searching muppet graffiti. it is an amazing find in so many ways! i agree with you about the color. it is great and works very well. it does have a bit of nastalgia with it bringing me back to the young days when i watched the show on TV. great times. great show. But, this is not elmo; he was the skinny fun loving red charachter. Although this character is also a bit red., he is actually the charcter called "Animal".. he was the drummer in the muppet rock band and became famous for being the wild one and was also the only one to appear in all the muppet movies.
So the is some background info just for your information. :)