Friday, 7 September 2007

A friend for correspondence

My best friend is Sofia. She is 15 years from and she is from Argentina but she currently lives in Germany for one year because her mother won a scholarship. She comeback in November.
She has dark long hair and brown eyes, is slim and quite tall. She also is really funny and extrovert. I like be her friend because we like the same things. Sofia likes go to the cinema, plays tennis and go out whit her friends of Germany. Sofi can speak german, english and french and she goes to the german school wich is too demanding so she doesn't like it.
I met she in september 2006 when I opened my fotolog of ER, and she signed my guestbook because she likes the series like me and afterwards we started to talk by chat. We discovered we like the same things and do the same things , and then we started to be very good friends. Currently I 'm waiting for her to return, and seeing in live for the first time, in 54 days :)

1 comment:

sofia said...

mi sweat BE(a)ST =P
you're my everything, i love you
and u know it ;)