Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I went to Traful with the school. I stayed in Traful for ten days and came back last week.

On the way to traful the bus broke down. We stayed three hours inside the bus until a charter come to pick us up.Then we arrived at a hut and we had tea.

Another day we walkend up a mountain. When reached the top of the mountain we ate a sandwich. There was so much snow that If you sat down, you could not stand up easily. When we walked down the mountain we sat down on the snow and went down sitting. During the trip we usually had sandwich, chicken,escaloped meat, soup and toasts.
In the trip I learnt that it wass too long because you had to tolerate other people all the time.
During the trip I learnt to be patient with other people but next year I will not go again.


Gabriela Sellart said...

Good C, difficult to be patient with other people, isn't it?
Why aren't you going to travel next year?

anu_oxen said...

you forgot to say that a group of children (incluied me) had to walk those kilometres to the hut with all the snow.